Live Love Rewind: The Three Lives of Leah Preston

Live Love Rewind: The Three Lives of Leah Preston by Anne Glynn Read Free Book Online

Book: Live Love Rewind: The Three Lives of Leah Preston by Anne Glynn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Anne Glynn
him chase a career he didn’t want – and the experience left both of us miserable.
    Things didn’t work out. Oh, they most definitely didn’t work out.
    Life is all about choices, don’t you see? If I’d taken different steps, met different men, made other decisions. I could have been…I could have been…
    A lightness filled her spirit, making her feel happy: I coulda’ been a contender.
    Why don’t you start over?
    Wouldn’t that be lovely? Given a second chance, maybe I’d make the right decisions.
    Maybe I’d make the wrong decisions all over again.
    But wouldn’t it be fun to find out?
    If you could have anything, the voice teased playfully, what would you ask for?
    World peace.
    A million billion dollars. A clean and renewable energy source. Good will towards men. And women.
    I want to find my one true love. That’s what I really want:  yes, yes, yes. My own personal miracle.
    But, since all of that might take some time, I’d love to get laid.
    Is this what you want?
    You want the truth, it’s been climbing the charts lately. Feeling separated from reality, she shifted her body. Hey, am I in a flying saucer?
    Do you want to be?
    Nestled by feelings of comfort and security, she sighed contentedly. After that, she remembered nothing more.
    # # #
    “Are you all right?” Clarissa asked.
    Leah opened her eyes. She was lying in the center of the circle of rocks, its flat stones cold beneath her body.
    Clarissa stood over her. Colonel Dahlgren peered down at her, too, with Jon watching from behind him. 
    “You’re naked,” Clarissa said, as if Leah had just committed a social faux pas. Offering her some privacy, Jon returned to the Hummer.
    Sleepily, Leah said, “What happened to my clothes?” 
    Feeling at peace but somehow pleasantly aroused, she didn’t see any need to cover herself. From the way Colonel Dahlgren was staring, he was enjoying the view.
    “How long have I been gone?”
    “What was it, Ronald, five minutes?” Clarissa asked the officer. “Six at most? I told you she’d be okay.”
    “You’re on thin ice, Clarissa,” Dahlgren said in crisp, clipped words. “Your actions were not only inappropriate, they were dangerous. What if Leah had been injured? Or had disappeared and never returned?”
    “That wasn’t going to happen.”
    “You didn’t know that.”
    Realizing she wouldn’t win this argument, Clarissa closed her pink, perfect lips. She allowed a small frown to briefly wrinkle the corners of her mouth.
    Climbing to her feet, Leah arched her body and stretched her arms over her head. Dahlgren watched her closely.
    Jon reappeared, draping a blanket over her. “Let’s get you inside.”
    The Colonel stayed with her when they returned to the Hummer. She asked, “Where are we going?”
    “The main research center. Our team will debrief you.”
    Sitting in the front seat and facing the windshield, Clarissa said, “We have a thousand questions to ask you.”
    Reaching inside her blanket, Leah stroked her hand down her naked stomach. It felt nicely warm and comforting. When her hand dipped lower, she realized, God, I’m horny .
    Dahlgren stared straight ahead but Leah had a sense that he’d followed her hand’s path. “Will you be staying with me, Colonel? Or you, Jon?”
    “It will be just me and my scientists,” Clarissa told her. “You belong to my team now.”
    But you’re no fun , Leah thought.
    Releasing her seat belt, she sat sideways. Her blanket opened with the movement. “I hope you’ll reconsider, Ronald. I’d really like it if you were with me.”
    She saw the outline of his dick as it swelled in response to her nudity. Reaching over, she stroked his leg. When her fingers brushed his cock, he jumped.
    Gruffly, he said, “I’ll be there.”
    Chapter Nine
    The research center was inside a tan, multi-story building. Hidden behind the dome’s tri-level living complex, the scientists’ equipment was nearly futuristic while

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