Lives of Magic (Seven Wanderers Trilogy)

Lives of Magic (Seven Wanderers Trilogy) by Lucy Leiderman Read Free Book Online

Book: Lives of Magic (Seven Wanderers Trilogy) by Lucy Leiderman Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lucy Leiderman
furious the next.
    “You knew I would come around?” I half-yelled. The house felt too small to full-on yell.
    When I caught up to him on the stairs, his mouth was set and his dark eyes feigned innocence. Struggling with my suitcase made him look a little more human —especially when he missed a step and nearly crashed on top of the green thing that held my belongings.
    “I had an inclination that you would not deny your true self,” Kian replied calmly, but I could see frustration play across his face as he reached the first landing of the stairs and had one more to go. I nearly growled at him.
    “That was a little presumptuous, don’t you think?” I was still chasing him down the stairs at about zero miles per hour. “To think I would just jump on a plane and leave the country? This is a lot to take in, you know!”
    “But your memories are convincing, are they not?” he asked. By the way he looked at me, I wondered how much he knew.
    “Besides,” Kian added, pretending I wasn’t shouting in his ear, “we are going to New York City, not leaving the country.”
    “New York?” I cried.
    My resolve weakening, I had to remind myself of the waterfalls. The hand on the riverbank. My selfish — and foolish — reason for following Kian into the unknown.
    He finally reached the last few steps and shoved the big suitcase unceremoniously down into the kitchen. He followed it down then picked it up and headed for the back door. I was on his heels.
    “Listen, I don’t even know if I have a passport….” I lied, knowing I had packed it in my backpack. It was all just going too fast.
    “Gwen,” Kian finally turned at the back door to face me full-on, “what happened to your sense of adventure and wonder? And, moreover, what happened to your willingness to come with me?”
    I didn’t know if he was talking about me in a past life or in the present. I bit my lip. All I wanted was to learn about the visions — the other place — and maybe see it again. I had naïvely assumed that Kian and his search would stay rooted in Oregon.
    “Well?” Kian asked.
    “I just didn’t think of leaving and going … far,” I replied.
    “You will get used to it,” he told me. “Think of how I felt when I first learned of all the new lands and how you could travel across them!”
    I sighed again. He was trying to make me feel better, but we could not relate to each other. I looked back at him but noticed his eyes focused on something over my shoulder. Kian pursed his lips, and if he were anyone else, I was sure he would be blushing. I knew what it was before I even turned around.
    “Hi, Mom, Dad.” I nodded to my parents, trying in vain to place myself in front of my suitcase. The thing was twice my size.
    At the small kitchen table, my parents sat with toast on their plates. They had gone on a diet the week before. My dad still held a knife in mid-air, the low-fat, no-sugar jam having already fallen to the table. No one had come in — they’d been there the whole time. Their mouths hung open.

Chapter Six
    “W ho’s your friend, Gwen?” my mother asked politely. “And what was he doing upstairs this morning?”
    “This is Ted,” I improvised, “from school.”
    My mother raised an eyebrow. “You’re in high school?” she asked Kian skeptically.
    “No,” he answered.
    I choked.
    “And where are you and Ted heading with your suitcase?” my father asked, standing up.
    Oh, no.
    I could see the questions play across their faces. Slowly, my mother put down her fork and wiped her mouth with a napkin. Kian looked as if he was being cornered by wolves. His eyes darted, looking for an escape route, and fell on some horseback riding trophies on a mantle in the living room. I hadn’t ridden in years, but back when I was eight, I was tough to beat. They were sandwiched between some pictures of me in my ballerina outfit from childhood and my archery trophies.
    “Gwen has been selected to attend a school for the arts

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