Living a Lie

Living a Lie by Josephine Cox Read Free Book Online

Book: Living a Lie by Josephine Cox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Josephine Cox
Tags: Fiction, General, Romance, Historical, Contemporary, Sagas
was too much. Her throat tightened and the tears rose.
    Georgie gently touched her hand.
    “I’m sorry,” she said, ‘but, right or wrong, there are times when we all have to make choices. Tomorrow morning I’m going to tell Miss Davis what my mother tried to make me do. I know I’ll never be allowed to go home again, but I don’t care.
    That’s my choice. “
    She hesitated then went on, “What your mother did was her choice. You have to accept that. Kitty, or it’ll drive you mad.” Kitty couldn’t speak for a minute. She swallowed her tears.
    “I wish she hadn’t done it, though. I miss her so much.” Funny how she didn’t miss her father.
    “Would you rather she’d lived a lie like that other unhappy couple?”
    “I don’t know.” Kitty wondered why it had to be one way or the other.
    “But why couldn’t she have run away? Why didn’t she find some place for me and her to live? We would have been happy… without him.”
    “Only your mother could answer those questions, so we’ll never know, will we? Maybe she did try other ways. Maybe she loved your daddy too much to leave him… but couldn’t live with him any longer. Maybe they talked about it and he threatened to take you away from her. Who knows what goes on in somebody’s mind?”
    Sensing Kitty’s distress, Georgie brightened her voice and smiled cheerily.
    “Anyway, you’re here now, and I’m going to take good care of you, so buck up, eh? You and me have each other, don’t we?”
    “I’m glad you’re here.”
    “You might not be when I start to get bossy.”
    “I hope you don’t get fostered again.” Kitty felt so comfortable with this delightful person, almost as though she had known her all her life.
    “Not much chance of that, thank God! To be honest I’m not fourteen yet, but it’s near enough and nobody wants to take on that sort of responsibility. Besides, in a little over two years’ time I’ll be on my own. They throw you out when you’re sixteen.” With that she bade Kitty goodnight.
    “I won’t be too far away… just four beds down from you. Sleep tight. See you in the morning.”
    Kitty lay in bed, her eyes turned towards that capable figure as it made its way down the room.
    “Goodnight, Georgie,” she murmured. Then she turned over and closed her eyes. For the first time in a long while her young heart was quiet. She had the feeling of being wanted, of being warm and belonging. Tomorrow she would see Georgie again, and the morning couldn’t come too soon.
    Miss Davis entered the dining room with the two bullies in tow. Her stern face told its own story.
    “When you’ve had your breakfast, I’ll see the pair of you in my office.” She waited for them to be seated then swung round and marched out.
    “Old cow!” muttered the dark-haired girl.
    “Big mouth Rogers!” grumbled the other.
    “I bet it was her who split on us.”
    “That’s right.” They didn’t see Georgie come in.
    “I told her what you did. Want to do something about it, do you?”
    “Why don’t you piss off?” suggested the blonde.
    “Better still, drop dead!” snapped the other.
    Georgina’s reply was lighthearted and infuriating.
    “I reckon you two are slipping,” she said, “Kitty Marsh is only half your size, but she gave you a real fight, didn’t she, eh?” Grinning as she brushed by, she added insult to injury.
    “I hope your arse is sore where she kicked it.”
    Catching sight of Kitty, who had watched the little fracas, she collected her breakfast tray and made her way to the table.
    “Sleep well, did you?” she asked. Setting her tray on the table, Georgie began on her scrambled eggs until a stern glance from Dorothy Picton prompted her to take the plate off the tray.
    “They’ll be watching us like hawks today. The place has to be spick and span when we have callers,” she told Kitty. Aware that Miss Picton was still watching, she put the tray on the floor beside her chair, out of everyone’s

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