Liv's Journey

Liv's Journey by Patricia Green Read Free Book Online

Book: Liv's Journey by Patricia Green Read Free Book Online
Authors: Patricia Green
take you back to the ranch and we go our separate ways."
    He really meant it, too. There was a pulse in the hard plane of his jaw.
    "I'm sorry. I'm not behaving very well. Do we have to do this?"
    "Yeah, we have to. I don’t date women who disrespect others. It suggests they don’t respect themselves."
    Liv was afraid. Not really of him, but of being put in a physically vulnerable position. She also knew that he'd see her ass if she pulled down her pants, and that gave her pause. It was no longer the pair of perfectly muscled bumps that it had been a few years prior.
    It was time to decide. She squirmed on the padded leather bench seat, unfastening her linen pants and then pulling them down to mid-thigh.
    "Now come over my knees."
    Liv face flamed. But at the same time, incredibly, there was a surge of excitement in her pussy and a roiling in her lower belly. She recognized the symptoms of sexual excitement, and that made her more scared than ever—of herself.
    She put herself over his lap, feeling truly mortified at being head down and butt up over a man's lap. Mortification didn't stop her nipples from getting hard.
    As she tried to calm her breathing and get ready to be smacked, his warm hand glided across her bottom. He stroked over her bikini panties gently. Her arousal increased and her attempt to calm her breathing was lost in the moment of sensation.
    He slid his fingers under the waistband of her panties and pulled them down.
    "You didn't say anything about bare bottom, Trey!" Her voice was hoarse and she cleared her throat.
    "Hush, darlin'. You'll get what you deserve and not one thing more or less."
    Her panties and pants got pulled down to her knees. The ignominy of her position made Liv wet between the legs. That added to her embarrassment. He was sure to notice with her in this position.
    He rubbed her bottom for a full minute and when Liv's tension had almost reached a breaking point, he slapped her rear hard.
    She squeaked and shifted on his lap. He held her steady with his right hand and struck again with his left. Once again, she squeaked.
    He smacked her several more times, and whimpers heated her throat and face. The pain was sharp, hot, intense as he kept spanking her. He moved his punishment to her thighs and sit spots and she cried out. Was that her voice? She sounded so plaintive, on the verge of begging him to stop.
    But she didn't really want him to stop. Her pussy was as hot as her ass, burning and weeping with need. She wanted him to flip her over and let her straddle his hips. He would thrust so deeply, soothe that trembling ache in her quim.
    Her eyes began to tear as the pain ratcheted ever higher. Her ass and thighs were on fire. She'd never felt anything so incredibly compelling—to stop, to go on—in her life. Teetering on the edge for several long moments, Liv panted and wriggled.
    "If you want me to stop, darlin', you only need to say so and it'll be over." He briefly touched the pool of wetness that was dripping from her excited sex onto his thigh. "I'm thinkin' that you want me to keep goin'."
    Sobbing, she could only gasp as he went back to spanking her.
    "You gonna be a good girl the rest of the night, Liv?"
    She nodded, then whispered her agreement.
    "I can feel you gettin’ close to comin’, darlin'."
    "Oh God," she moaned.
    She wanted the pain to stop, but it was so integral to the growing need in her pussy. Just a little more. Another spank, maybe two, and she'd be there. She moaned and turned her face back to see if she could spy her rump.
    There was a bright flash of light and Trey stopped. "Shit!"
    She squirmed up some, and her throat was thick when she asked, "What? What's wrong?"
    "Someone took a picture through the window!"
    "No! Oh no!"
    Trey was pushing her onto the back seat, as he scurried to get to the driver's seat of the truck.
    "Put on a seatbelt, Liv!" The truck roared to life and the tires squealed as they shot out of the parking place and out onto the

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