Loco's Love [Brac Pack 9]

Loco's Love [Brac Pack 9] by Lynn Hagen Read Free Book Online

Book: Loco's Love [Brac Pack 9] by Lynn Hagen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lynn Hagen
Tags: Inc., Siren-BookStrand
coherent that Loco would be able to make out. “Rape...” Tangee fell to his knees, dropping the phone and crying into his hands.
    Lights began to flash across the walls, and Tangee knew the cops had arrived.
    The police car pulled in front of the store, and two officers got out. Tangee straightened when he heard them come in, forgetting about his phone. He wiped the tears from his eyes and cleared his throat, trying his best to pull himself together.
    “Someone called in an assault and attempted rape?” one of the cops asked Tangee.
    “Yeah, I did.” Mark came from the back. “The three men in the back forcibly took my friend here to the back of the store and tried to rape him.”

    Lynn Hagen
    “But he’s a guy,” the other cop said before he could catch himself, a look of total disgust on his face.
    “Your point?” Mark bit out.
    “We need to question the three. You said they were in the back?” The cop looked past Mark into the back hallway, disbelief showing on his face.
    “Yes. They’re in the back.” Mark hitched his thumb over his shoulder and put his arm around Tangee, the cop visibly scowling.
    One of them went where Mark pointed while the other one questioned Tangee.
    “Do you know any of them?”
    Tangee ran a shaky hand threw his hair. “I had a run-in with them a month ago.”
    “So you’re saying they assaulted you a month ago?”
    “Yes, down at the soul food joint on Lorain Avenue. They claim I cut them in line then tried to make me pay for their meals. When I tried to leave, one of them punched me in the eye.” Tangee wrapped his arms around his waist, seeing the cop wasn’t gay friendly.
    “So why didn’t you report that incident?”
    “I just wanted to forget about it.” God, why couldn’t they just take the three in the back and leave?
    “Are you sure you aren’t friends with them and just had an argument? See it all the time.” The officer pulled his notepad out, making it appear that he was writing something down.
    “I don’t know them. Never seen them before.” Tangee was near tears again. Why couldn’t this cop be a professional? Mark pulled him closer to his side, and Tangee was thankful for his support.
    The other officer came back to the front of the store. “Says this guy agreed to have sex with them, and his boyfriend here got jealous.”
    “He’s lying!” Tangee screamed. This was unreal. He was terrified the cops would believe the three punks. They weren’t at all friendly with Tangee, and they were in no way helpful. “The security camera Loco’s Love
    will show you that they grabbed me and forced me back there.”
    “Well, I guess we will have to take them in. Tell your boss we need that tape.” The two officers turned away from Tangee and Mark as they radioed in for backup.
    “He guesses he has to take them in?” Tangee snarled at Mark. “I didn’t do anything wrong and I’m being treated like the criminal?” He had an urge to beat them over the head with their own notepads.
    “Relax, Tang, the tape will prove they forced you. Ignore the ignorant cops.” Mark rubbed his hand on Tangee’s shoulder.
    Another squad car pulled up, and they hauled the three from the back room. The first two officers took Tangee’s official statement, telling him he had to go down to the police station in the morning.
    “Assholes,” Tangee bit out at them as they pulled away. Not only did the three men try to violate him, but the cops had as well with their unprofessional attitudes.
    He hoped they choked on a doughnut.
    A dark blue truck screeched to a halt in front of the store, a howl heard coming from it. Oh, shit, he had forgotten the phone. He forgot to tell Loco he was okay. Tangee ran around the counter, bending down and retrieving his cell phone. It was still connected to Loco’s number.
    Loco rushed in, grabbing Tangee around the waist and hauling him into his arms. “Baby, I’m so sorry,” Loco apologized into Tangee’s neck. He could

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