Lost Property

Lost Property by Sean O'Kane Read Free Book Online

Book: Lost Property by Sean O'Kane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sean O'Kane
chested and with a mat of slightly greying hair across it, his belly still had a six pack reasonably visible and his thighs were every bit as thick and muscular as her glimpses of them before had suggested.
    Even though the cabinet was a reasonable size, with him in it, Kath was pushed against the tiles at the back of it. Without any preamble he reached between her legs and she opened for him, feeling his thick fingers find their way up into her vagina. She arched her back a little and felt her nipples graze his chest hair. His fingers found their way deeper inside her and began to stretch her and stimulate her in earnest. He pressed himself even harder against her and she could feel the growing hardness at his groin. Her hand slid down between their wet bodies and closed around the smooth, bulbous head of his cock which grew harder and bigger in response.
    He took his hand out of her and then used both of them to grasp her waist and slide her up the tiled wall, Kath kept hold of his cock and as he lowered her she expertly fed him into her vagina, groaning as she felt herself spread wide and filled to the neck. The water continued to drum across them, plastering her wet hair across her face.
    As this almost complete stranger began to thrust up into her and she tried her hardest to grip him with her pelvic floor, she threw her arms round his neck, buried her face in his shoulder and wrapped her legs around him. For some reason she could never fathom she always found the most basely physical of sexual contacts the most fulfilling – especially those with her Mistress – the simplicity of being enjoyed with a minimum of foreplay - being penetrated, giving pleasure with her body and only her body, always excited her and made her feel at her most feminine. And it was Angie who had given her the context in which she could indulge this. Angie decided who and how she would serve, Angie took responsibility and permitted her to be the submissive slut she so enjoyed being. It was part of why Kath worshipped her.
    Inside her now, she could feel Mostyn begin to thrust for his climax, she could do no more than ride him however as her feet slid off his wet back when she tried to push herself up. She tried grinding and wriggling against him and managed a reasonable climax of her own by the time he froze against her and made small rapid pushes as his spunk jetted out into her.
    When he let her down, panting but smiling, she slid further down until she was squatting and took his softening cock into her mouth, licking the final drops of his spend off him. He allowed her to soap him and in the curt way she was becoming used to he told her to wash and dress in her own time. He would meet her downstairs in the bar.
    “I will expect stockings – with suspenders if you’ve brought them. There is absolutely no point in wearing knickers of course. And unpack everything you find in the portfolio case and leave what you find on the bed.”
    A shower was always better for being enjoyed with post orgasm lethargy and Kath took her time. If she was later than he wanted, then he would punish her, it didn’t matter. And anyway, the more he enjoyed himself with her, the more he might let his guard down and mention something about Proteus.
    She dressed carefully as Mistress had taught her to when preparing herself for use. Over the stockings and suspenders she slipped a halter neck dress in dark blue whose skirt finished two inches above the knee, her breasts were good enough to be left bra-less on these occasions. She and Mistress had chosen the dress to be attractive without being too tarty. It also left most of her back naked and her nipples did rather peak the material at the front, but it was a woman’s dress, not a girl’s or a tart’s.
    “If I’ve had to deprive myself of the pleasure of marking that,” Mistress had observed, stroking her back, “let’s at least see if beating it’ll persuade him to let slip something useful.”
    When she

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