Love by Deception (Age of Innocence)

Love by Deception (Age of Innocence) by Debra Elizabeth Read Free Book Online

Book: Love by Deception (Age of Innocence) by Debra Elizabeth Read Free Book Online
Authors: Debra Elizabeth
dear. Every lady must have a maid to help her dress
and to keep her clothes tidy. I have secured the services of one maid to attend
to both of you, but if you’d prefer to each have your own, it can be arranged.”
is not necessary. One maid will be most sufficient for my cousin and I,”
Georgette said.
nodded. “Thank you, Mrs. Quinn. That is very kind of you.”
is an excellent worker. She will put your clothes in each of your bedrooms.”
We don’t need two bedrooms and will be more than happy to share one,” Georgette
you sure? There is plenty of room.”
not that. Isabel and I do not mind sharing one room. It will give us comfort to
be together, especially since being in London is new to us.”
that is what you prefer, Mrs. Smithfield will see to it. Please tell Rachel
that they will be staying in the corner bedroom.”
Smithfield nodded and left the room to take care of the details.


took a sip of her tea and peered at the young women seated across from her.
Georgette was a delicate beauty with golden-brown hair, high cheekbones and
hazel eyes, and looked very much like her father, but it was Isabel with her
dark-brown, almost black hair and intense violet eyes who was the most stunning
young lady she’d seen in a long time. There was no doubt that she would turn
heads everywhere she went. “Well, you’re both finally here. I’m so very
never been to London before. Are there always this many folks walking about?”
Isabel asked.
couldn’t help but chuckle. “My dear Isabel, wait until you see London in the
full noon hour. Sometimes there are so many folks crowding around the shops,
one has to stop and let them pass before you can resume your journey.”
must make running errands a long, drawn out affair.”
it does, but you shall see for yourself tomorrow.”
got Georgette’s attention. “Tomorrow?”
I have made an appointment with the modiste. The sooner she can take your
measurements and start on your wardrobe, the better. May I ask if you brought
any dresses suitable for evening?”
afraid not,” Georgette said. “There was little need for them back in Essex.”
matter,” Iris said. “We shall order some tomorrow.”
is very kind of you. Thank you.”
both must stop thanking me with every other sentence out of your mouths. Trust
me when I say that I’ve looked forward to this visit since I received your
letter. I’m quite sure you’ll like Mrs. Phillips. She’s the best dressmaker in
town and will have your wardrobe completed in no time.”
stood and put her teacup on the tray. “If I may be excused, Mrs. Quinn? The
journey was more tiring than I thought, and I would very much like to lay down
for a bit.”
course, my dear.” Iris picked up the little silver bell from the table beside
the sofa. It took mere moments for Mrs. Smithfield to appear.
ma’am? Do you require something?”
show Miss Condiff to her bedchamber.”
I should go with her and get her settled,” Isabel said. “That is, if you don’t
mind, Mrs. Quinn.”
not at all. Dinner will be served in the dining room at 7:00.”
nodded and linked arms with Georgette. Her sister was about to fall asleep on
her feet. It would be best to get her into bed as quickly as possible. The last
thing she wanted was for Georgette to catch a chill on their first day in
London. “Thank you. I shall join you at dinner.”
afraid I must give my regrets for dinner. It’s been a very long day and would
prefer not to embarrass myself by falling asleep in my soup. Good evening, Mrs.
Quinn,” Georgette said as she leaned on her sister and left the parlor.
a delicate one,” Iris murmured as she took another sip of tea.

Chapter 5
    London, England

was 5:30 in the

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