Love Came Back (a Pyro-Princess Design and Style novel Book 1)

Love Came Back (a Pyro-Princess Design and Style novel Book 1) by Stephanie Nicole Garza Read Free Book Online

Book: Love Came Back (a Pyro-Princess Design and Style novel Book 1) by Stephanie Nicole Garza Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stephanie Nicole Garza
    This one was at eleven forty-five. Austin? Really, Siddaleigh? Let me guess. Mags? You really should’ve known better. We will discuss this at length when you get home. I will give you until two this afternoon because your bitch ass will be drunk. Most likely. Which that will be discussed as well. If you are late, you will receive more than what you already will be punished for. Don’t make me reach out to someone you love .
    Fuck! It’s eight thirty in the morning!
    “MAGS! Get up! We gotta go! Mikhail wants to take me out tonight to celebrate my birthday! I need to get home and get myself ready!”
    I skidded back in the bedroom and tore the sheets from her scantily clothed body and ripped off her face mask.
    “MAGS, NOW!”
    “Ugh. Fine, baby-cakes. Calm down, and you are so driving.”
    No effing problem. We packed our small amount of clothing after changing into jeans and t-shirts.
    Never in my life did I need to get home as fast as I needed to get home this day. I broke every limit I could within reason without getting caught and got home.
    With just thirty minutes to spare, I dropped myself off and tossed Mags the keys. With a hasty thank you for the best present ever and even a hastier goodbye, I jogged down the drive, stopped at the porch then calmed myself before walking in,
    Going through the door and closing it behind me, the house seemed so eerily quiet. The shadows from the curtains swallowed any light from the windows and that’s when I felt him behind me. My mind was screaming, help me, God.

    Birthdays Officially Suck
    Mikhail had crept up behind me, yanked my head back by gripping my hair and shoved me onto the floor. I heard myself scream and he clamped a hand over my mouth.
    “Austin, Sidda? Really? Who the fuck do you think you are? Strutting your fat ass all over the place. Why did you go? What were you wearing? Some slutty dress I bet. You think any guy wants this piece?”
    He cupped my vagina and pushed in. The pressure hurt. He released my mouth so I could answer but kept me still. Never have I ever been as scared to answer as I was now.
    “Mags wanted to celebrate my birthday. I didn’t think you’d-
    He replaced his hand back over my mouth.
    “That’s right, you cunt. You didn’t fucking think. As for your punishment, you will receive twenty spankings. Fitting, since it’s your twentieth birthday. It will not be soft. You will learn to ask permission before leaving this house. No more school, no more work. You can work for me inside this house. You’ll do as I say. Do you understand?”
    I jerked in surprise by what he said. Spankings? What the hell? Did he mean he was going to actually spank me? Like a disobedient child?
    “I don’t need to ask permission, Mikhail. I am an adult. I can do as I please. We aren’t married.”
    I said this strongly, but when I caught the steely hardness in his eyes and the flare of his nostrils, I flinched. His expression was hostile for a fleeting moment, before his normal façade of indifference took hold and he smirked.
    “Do as you please, huh?”
    I was shoved down to my elbows and knees as he released my hair. He drew his now free hand to my jeans, unbuttoned them, and told me not to move or he’d make my punishment worse.
    I felt my elbows, arms and knees getting tired from the hardwood floor. I tried not crying. At least, not too loudly. I knew he meant to degrade me down to nothing. I just willed God to make me endure this with strength.
    He pulled my pants and panties down enough to expose my rear, then a loud smack echoed. Jerking forward and crying out, I knew he was serious about spanking me. I started to feel terribly sick to my stomach.
    “I said quiet. The only sound you’re allowed to make is counting your punishment. I want you to know how many you are receiving.”
    With that, he hit my butt again. It felt harsher than the last one, but I reeled in my whimper and the urge to cry

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