Love Came Back (a Pyro-Princess Design and Style novel Book 1)

Love Came Back (a Pyro-Princess Design and Style novel Book 1) by Stephanie Nicole Garza Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Love Came Back (a Pyro-Princess Design and Style novel Book 1) by Stephanie Nicole Garza Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stephanie Nicole Garza
I’m not luring anyone by my assets. You need to so get over yourself. I’m voluptuous, you don’t like it, break up with me. I’m tired of this bull-shit excuse for a relationshit. It’s not a relationship because you should know it’s not right to hit women. You’ve no right to hit me, call me names or accusing me of asinine things, Mikhail. I’m going to bed. Good night.”
    Yeah, I was that pissed off.
    Consequences soon to be delivered? Check.
    I turned and started racing up the stairs trying to hurry to my bedroom. When I reached half way, he came up behind me quickly and grabbed my bicep and his fist connected with the side of my face as my body turned. I yanked free, but I felt myself stumbling backwards.
    “Mikhail! Help me!”
    He just smirked and I fell down the twelve steps and landed not so gently on the ground floor. My ankle must have twisted because a pain so sharp crept up my leg and through my spine and left a breathless me, crying out.
    “Oh God, my ankle. I can’t breathe. You need to take me to the hospital, Mikhail. Please. Please, don’t just leave me here.”
    Pleading and begging wasn’t high on my list but it was either him taking me or me calling an ambulance. The way his face distorted, he knew what the other choice would be.
    “Alright. Let’s get this shit over with then.” Mikhail came down the stairs, slowly as he pleases, bent down and lifted me easily into his arms.
    Whoa. He’s never done that before. His face gave nothing away and was expressionless as usual. He seemed to carry me with ease and for once, I wished it was something I could enjoy. But then again, maybe not.
    “Damn, Sidda. You need to start exercising. Luckily for you I don’t have to walk that far to get to the car.”
    Yup. Gentlemanly chivalry, zero. Bastard McBastardson? Check.
    My issues with Mikhail were building. I don’t know how much longer I could deal with this kind of relationshit of a relationship.
    With his need for speed, we reached Texas Women’s quickly. I was seen immediately, fortunately. Unfortunately, however, it was the same ER doctor as before. Doctor Larsen looked from me to Mikhail and back to me in silent question.
    I disguised my negative motion by shaking my hair around me and shaking my head no. I had a wild-eyed expression as I stared back at her. She must have taken the hint. With a clenched jaw though, she pretended she had never seen me before.
    After some x-rays, a day stay at the hospital, I had a few heavily bruised ribs and a painfully twisted ankle. No broken bones. This time.
    Mikhail left me sometime after I was admitted into a room the day before, and when I was waiting for discharge papers, Doctor Larsen had prescribed me with a good pain pill prescription. I tried getting ahold of Mikhail to come pick me up, but he didn’t answer any of my calls.
    I gave him another hour, but with no avail, I called my mother.

    Gimme the Truth and Nothing but the Truth
    “Hospital? God, what happened, Sidda?”
    After explaining the lie Mikhail came up with, my mother seemed appeased. I was normally clumsy sometimes, so she calmed down.
    “Oh, you know me, mother, just clumsy is all. I was walking up the stairs where I live with Mikhail and my heel didn’t quite make one of the steps. Would you be able to come get me? Mikhail’s at work and can’t leave the office in time.”
    Even my mother heard the stress and strain in my voice.
    “You sound burned out. You need to make sure to stay off it and keep it elevated. Take the pills the doctor gave you. Let it heal. I’m at work, I’ll get your sister-
    I made sure to stop her right there.
    “Yeah, mom, don’t worry about that. I can call Mags to come get me. I just gotta call her. No use calling Jeanine or Megan. Too much of a drive to get out here for them.”
    “Mags is a sweet girl. Alright, girlie, call me later, love you!”
    “Love you, too,” clicking off the phone, I was glad I could dodge

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