Love in the Mist (MacKay's)

Love in the Mist (MacKay's) by S.R. Roddy Read Free Book Online

Book: Love in the Mist (MacKay's) by S.R. Roddy Read Free Book Online
Authors: S.R. Roddy
her. In all the romance books they talk about a pinch of pain and then pleasure
beyond your wildest dreams. Well the reality was slightly different. The
pleasure was still there… but buried under the surface. The pain was more than
a pinch and with each thrust inside she could feel her walls burning from the
friction as well as the stretching from his size.
    “Sweet lass if
ye doona let yourself relax and enjoy this ye are just going tae cause yerself
more pain. Trust me… please lass… just trust me.” The concern in his voice
managed to penetrate the pain filled fog in her mind and she relaxed a little
slightly away from her, he wrapped her legs around him as he slowed his thrust.
Slightly wetting his fingers with his mouth he touched her small pearl hidden
in the folds between her legs. Leaning forward he gently sucked the tip of her
breast in his mouth once more. The combination of all three zones being touched
at once over whelmed her senses throwing her into a larger orgasm than the
last, flooding her channel with the liquid desperately needed to allow his
passage without as much pain. His thrusts became more frenzied as each gush of
fluid was released in her excitement. He gave one final thrust before roaring
his release into the eerie silence of the misted night. Feeling his seed
splashing into her body did something to her insides causing another orgasm to
hit her without warning.
    She must have
passed out at some point because when she finally came to her senses she was
lying slightly on her side with Tavish still buried deep inside her and her leg
slung negligently over his hip. She instinctively cuddled close to his chest
causing his arms to wrap protectively around her instantly. Wiggling slightly
she was amazed to feel him growing hard once more inside of her.
    He growled
into her ear. “Lass if ye doona hold still I will be ready tae go again in
    She snuggled
closer rubbing her nose against his chest playfully. “That would be a bad thing
    His groan
seemed loud in the quiet of the night. “Och lass… ye are going tae kill me.” He
smacked her bottom when she wiggled again. “Lass ye are going tae be sore as it
is… if I take ye again this soon ye will be in a lot of pain in the morn.”
    She wiggled
again this time kissing his neck and rubbing her breasts seductively against
his chest. “I’ll worry about the pain tomorrow then. I only care about right
now. Make love to me again… please?”
    His loud groan
was all the warning she got before he grabbed her hips and began moving slowly
inside her. Using his lips to suckle on her breast she could do no more than
lean her head back thrusting her breasts closer to his mouth. He laved and
suckled at each breast worshipping one before switching every few minutes to
the neglected side as he slowly stroked her building desire with his thrusts.
They both wanted to savor this time they had together. Something, an inner
warning of some kind, told them both that there time together was almost over.
It seemed like they had been together for hours, but surely someone would’ve
noticed if she had been gone that long?
    Wetting his
finger in her juices he slowly circled her forbidden entrance before going back
to gather her juices once more. She had read about this in many romance books.
Would he be so daring as to push his finger inside her forbidden entrance? Did
she want him to? Before she could think any more on it his thrusts became
frenzied distracting her thoughts. As his finger slipped inside to his first
knuckle she once again realized she had waited to long. She could feel the
finger wiggling around inside her back entrance before he picked up a rhythm
and began to push in and out of her in time with his thrusts. She felt her
arousal building once more. Using his free hand he swiped some of her juices
onto his finger then smeared it onto both nipples, before heading back south once
more. He licked at her juice

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