Love Inspired Suspense May 2015 #2

Love Inspired Suspense May 2015 #2 by Debra Cowan, Susan Sleeman, Mary Ellen Porter Read Free Book Online

Book: Love Inspired Suspense May 2015 #2 by Debra Cowan, Susan Sleeman, Mary Ellen Porter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Debra Cowan, Susan Sleeman, Mary Ellen Porter
Tags: Love Inspired Suspense
a step back and glanced at Cash. Panic flared in her eyes. An overwhelming protective urge welled up inside Cash—a familiar feeling but not one he’d expected for a woman he barely knew. One who was a suspect in the bombing. It caught him by surprise and made him hesitate. Just a fraction, but long enough for Parsons to seize the moment and step closer.
    â€œDid you see the bomber, Ms. Curry?” he demanded.
    Krista jerked back.
    Cash did the first thing he could think of. He grabbed Opa’s arm. “I’m sorry, but Ms. Curry’s grandfather’s had a very trying night, and he isn’t feeling well. We need to get him home.”
    â€œYes,” Krista mumbled. “He has to get home.”
    â€œI won’t keep you,” Parsons said. “All I want is a simple yes or no. Did you see the bomber?”
    â€œOh.” Opa wobbled and his legs seemed to turn to rubber. He reached for Krista’s arm. She clutched his elbow, steadying him.
    Cash glanced at the older man, and he winked at Cash.
The crafty old guy was simply putting on a show for the reporter to distract him from Krista.
    â€œAs you can see,” Cash said pointedly, “we really need to be going. Unless, of course, you want to be responsible for an elderly man collapsing on your news program.”
    â€œOf course not.” Parsons knew when to step down and back away.
    Cash continued to hold Otto’s elbow and hurried ahead. Otto kept up with Cash, but they nearly had to drag Krista. Despite her unspoken desire to get away from the crowd, she kept shooting looks around the area, slowing them down.
    Hoping to see what she was searching for, Cash followed her gaze. He saw nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe she feared the bomber was in the crowd of looky-loos that circled the perimeter.
    Cash figured the guy was long gone. Unless, of course, he’d heard the news stories by now and knew Krista’s heroic actions had kept the bomb from detonating. If so, he would want to stop her before she had a chance to ID him. Which meant he could have come back and was out in the crowd. Watching. Waiting. Planning to follow them and take Krista out when she was away from the heavy police presence.
    Cash was suddenly thankful he’d offered to escort her home. A woman with a sick, elderly man would be a sitting duck for a bomber and without Cash’s help, the consequences could be deadly.

    F eeling Cash’s focus on her from the car, Krista helped Opa climb the steps to his house. She was torn between wanting Cash gone and wanting him to stay exactly where he was, watching them and making sure no harm came their way. On the ride home, she couldn’t stop thinking about what the bomber would do if he knew she could identify him. It would only take one news story to alert him and make him determined to silence her.
    The thought made every shadow in the secluded property seem ominous, sending a shiver over her body. She glanced at Cash, wondering if she should ask for his continued help to keep them safe.
    â€œCash seems like a nice young man,” Opa said, oblivious to her concerns.
    â€œHe’s a cop,” she replied as she fitted the key into the lock, reminding herself why Cash was the last person she should trust.
    â€œNot all police officers are bad, Liebchen. If you would stop worrying about the past catching up with you, you would see this young man’s positive qualities as I do.”
    Inside the foyer, she spun in disbelief. “You want to go through all that again? To have people and reporters camping out on the doorstep of your new house? Never getting any peace? Dealing with break-ins and people destroying the place?”
    â€œNo, of course not.” He stepped inside. “But I doubt that will happen as a result of trusting Cash.”
    â€œNo.” She closed the door, secured the locks, then double-checked them. “It’ll happen when a reporter

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