Love is Blind

Love is Blind by Shayna B Read Free Book Online

Book: Love is Blind by Shayna B Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shayna B
Tags: Romance, Young Adult, love, disabilities, guide dogs
the way you
have been, or if you want to try and change. No one can make that
choice for you.”
    “What if I decide to keep going the way I have
    “Then I feel sorry for you. Life’s full of too
many wonders to waste it wallowing in misery. Do you want to just
exist? Or do you want to actually live?”
    He ran his hand through his hair and then shook
his head. “This conversation is too heavy for this time of the
    I nodded in agreement. “You’re probably right;
plus, Mr. White just walked in. We can continue discussing this
later if you want.”
    “I’ll think about it.”
    “I have one question for you before I turn into
an attentive student.”
    “What is it?”
    “Do you want me to start walking you to your
second period class? That way you don’t have to wait until Sophie
gets here to leave.”
    He thought about it for a moment before nodding.
“Yeah, okay. I don’t like being a burden to her anyways.”
    I didn’t answer him, because I was pretty sure
Sophie didn’t consider him a burden. But I was also pretty sure
that Blake wouldn’t listen to me if I told him that right now. It
seemed to me that he thought of himself as a burden, and that
likely wouldn’t change right away.
    When the class was over, we waited for Sophie to
get there so we could inform her of the new arrangement. She was
more than a little surprised, but she also seemed happy that Blake
had agreed to let me help him. “Why don’t you come with us now,
Hailey? I’ll show you where his class is and which seat is
    I agreed and Blake got to his feet. I stood up
next to him and was mildly surprised at how tall he actually was.
I’d never stood beside him in the past; anytime we met he was
sitting down. When I’d seen him walking with Abby he’d been too far
away for me to really notice how tall he was and when I’d seen him
next to Sophie the height difference hadn’t seemed so drastic. “I’m
going to get a sore neck looking up at you,” I grumbled.
    He smiled. Actually full out smiled and the
effect it had on his features was amazing. He seemed more
approachable and I could suddenly see how it was that he’d been so
popular before his accident. “Let me guess; you’re short?”
    I wrinkled my nose at him. “I’m not short; I’m
average size for a woman.”
    “You keep telling yourself that.” He placed his
hand on Sophie’s shoulder and the three of us walked out of the
room. I noticed as we walked that people seemed to automatically
move to the sides when we got close to them, though they stared at
us, and I wondered why that was.
    Sophie must have sensed my curiosity because she
turned to smile a little sadly at me. “They avoid Blake because
he’s got a pretty nasty temper. Most of them have figured out that
staying out of his way is the easiest thing to do.”
    When I saw another small group of people staring
at us, I frowned. “I get that, but why are so many of them looking
at us?”
    “Because no one ever walks with us,” she
    “Oh. I guess that makes sense.”
    We finished walking to Blake’s class in silence.
Sophie showed me where he sat and then the two of us left him in
there. Once back in the hallway, she turned to me. “I don’t know
what’s going on between you and Blake, but please keep doing it.
This is the most… interested I’ve seen him since he went
    “Interested in what?”
    “Life,” she replied simply. “I’ll talk to you
    I went to my Math class and took my regular seat
beside Rachel. When I saw her looking at me with wide eyes, I
sighed. “You somehow know that I walked with Blake and his cousin
through the hall, don’t you?”
    She nodded. “Why were you walking with
    “Since Blake is in my first period class, I
offered to start walking him to his second class. That way he
doesn’t have to wait there for Sophie.”
    “But he never lets anyone else help him.”
    I frowned. “What do you mean?”

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