Love Lessons

Love Lessons by Margaret Daley Read Free Book Online

Book: Love Lessons by Margaret Daley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Margaret Daley
the pound?”
    â€œWhat about the geese and ducks that like to wander into our yard?”
    â€œWe can get a small dog that stays in the house. When it needs to go out, I’ll walk it on a leash.”
    Ian’s gaze swept to Alexa for a long moment, his doubt that a pet would be a good fit for Jana and him in his expression. When he peered at his daughter, he said, “A dog will cause prob—” His words sputtered to a stop. “If you want a dog from the pound, you’ll have to go and pick it out. A pet’s a very personal decision, not one I’ll do for you.”
    â€œI can get an animal.” Excitement filled Jana’s voice, and a smile encompassed her whole face for half a minute until she paused, her forehead wrinkled. Her mouth scrunched up into a frown. “We’d go together?”
    â€œOf course.”
    â€œI’ll think about it.” Jana dived into the rest of herlunch, silent, staring at the place mat as though mulling over her dilemma.
    At the end of the meal Ian stood and gathered up the trash. “Jana, I have an appointment this afternoon at two. I’ll be back by three-thirty. Okay?”
    His daughter locked gazes with him and nodded, then picked up the three empty glasses and took them to the sink. “I’m gonna get the box.”
    When they were alone, Ian paused near Alexa, throwing a glance toward the doorway Jana left through. “I imagine you have questions. Is it possible for you to stay this evening for dinner and then you and I can talk afterward?”
    â€œWhat are you going to have?”
    â€œFor dinner?”
    â€œWhat if I said I don’t know?” A twinkle gleamed in his eyes, his dimple winking at her.
    â€œI wouldn’t believe you. You’re the type who has his meals all planned for the week, possibly even the whole month.”
    â€œI was spontaneous today with lunch, and look what happened.”
    â€œAnd everything is okay now.”
    â€œSpaghetti. And I only plan one week at a time.”
    â€œI thought you didn’t cook much.”
    â€œFrom a jar,” he said sheepishly.
    â€œI’ll stay on one condition. I cook dinner with Jana’s help.”
    â€œShe doesn’t cook, either.”
    â€œShe needs to learn. Everyone needs to fend for themselves.”
    He splayed his hand over his heart. “Ouch.”
    â€œDon’t get me wrong. I’ve cut corners in cooking a meal, too. We all do. But I can use this to teach Jana. Although I know my spaghetti recipe by heart, I’ll write itdown and show her how to follow it. Not to mention she’ll have to do different measurements. I can make enough so you two have leftovers. That means doubling the amounts. You said math isn’t her strong area. This’ll be a fun way to do some.”
    â€œI don’t have the ingredients.”
    â€œI wish she would go with me to the grocery, but I know we aren’t there yet. How about you get what I need on the way home from your appointment? Or I can go after you get back.”
    â€œI’ll let you get the supplies. Madge does most of my grocery shopping. That’s why I plan my meals for the week.” A defensive tone entered his voice.
    â€œThere’s nothing wrong with planning what you’re gonna eat. Even I do that.”
    â€œYou do? I got the impression you didn’t plan a thing.”
    â€œIt’s hard not to do some. I just try not to get tied down by it.” She glanced toward Jana reentering the kitchen. “You and I are fixing dinner tonight.”
    The child’s eyes grew round. “Why?”
    â€œBecause your dad invited me to eat with you two, and I don’t do spaghetti out of a jar.”
    Jana looked from Alexa to her father then burst out laughing. “Finally, someone who feels like I do.”
    â€œWhere did you learn to cook so well?” Ian asked as he stepped out onto

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