Love or Money?
and any man that doesn’t appreciate your true self isn’t worth the ground you walk on. You’ll find your special someone soon. Forget Dan. He’s not worth your tears. Now ship-shape yourself because Maurice has been trying to get hold of you for the past thirty-six hours. It’s about time you called him to let him know what’s going on.”
    At the mention of Maurice’s name, Felicity wiped her eyes and blew her nose.  
    “ Did you not speak to him and let him know I was in hospital?” she asked her mother, panicked. Surely Glenda knew how important it would be that Maurice knew she was out of action and not purposely avoiding work or his calls.
    Glenda felt her face redden as her daughter stared at her wide -eyed. She suddenly felt ashamed that she hadn’t taken the initiative to answer Maurice’s calls and explain Fee’s whereabouts. But she was scared of how her daughter would react. Not once in the years that Felicity had worked for Maurice, had she introduced Glenda. She had been under the impression that Fee had purposely kept her family and work life separate for fear of Maurice judging her ‘lowly’ and humble beginnings. In essence, she knew that Fee was embarrassed of her.  She didn’t want to inconvenience her daughter further by speaking to Maurice and ruining things for her.
    “ Well, love, I didn’t really think it was my place to get involved in your work. I know you’re very particular about Maurice, so I thought it best that you be the one to talk to him when you felt better.”
    Felicity stared incredulous ly at her mother. Maurice would no doubt be in an absolute fury with her for not knowing her whereabouts. It was especially bad timing given that his trip to Asia would be in less than twenty four hours and she as his right-hand person wasn’t there to assist in his absence. It was one more drama to add to her long list. Was there nobody she could rely on to do things properly for her?
      “Look, forget it, it’s fine. I’ll call him now and sort things so he knows the situation. Let’s just hope I’m not already fired.”
    “Fired?” Glenda repeated in a shocked tone. “I should bloody hope not given all the hours you’ve committed yourself working for that man. He should think himself lucky to have a person like you” she said heatedly.
    Felicity looked at her mother in surprise. Glenda didn’t often voice opinions when it came to her working life.   She usually dare not give any thoughts on work matters in case Fee challenged her. For the first time in a long time, Felicity felt a surge of love and connection towards her mother. She was right, she had given far too much of herself to Maurice over the past six years to be fired for something that wasn’t even within her control. On reflection, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d taken a day’s sick leave or even holiday time. What on earth had she been doing with herself for the past six years aside from work?
    The reality hit her hard as she looked into her mother’s soft and gentle face. She had been running away from herself and her life. Running a way from the pain that James had caused her and desperately trying to escape from the heartbreak and trauma. But mostly from the guilt.
    “ You’re right, Mum, Maurice can’t fire me. I have given too much to that company and him to be pushed aside.” Felicity reached across to her handbag resting on the bedside shelf. “I’ll call him now and let’s see what he says.”
    Glenda waited patiently by the window looking onto the bleak hospital courtyard, devoid of any vegetation except paving slabs. She couldn’t hear Felicity clearly but her daughter ’s face spoke volumes. She looked angry and frustrated as she snapped her mobile phone closed. Clearly, her conversation with Maurice hadn’t been plain sailing.
    Walking back towards Fee’s partitioned bed, she wondered why she felt such a relief at her daughter ’s reaction. Perhaps it was the

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