Love Struck

Love Struck by Shani Petroff Read Free Book Online

Book: Love Struck by Shani Petroff Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shani Petroff
head slightly and put this sad look on his face. What a faker!
    Mom looked at both of us. Then her eyes rested on me—and they were filled with anger.
    â€œYou don’t believe him, do you?” I cried out. “Over your own daughter? He’s the devil! He majored in lying.”
    â€œAnd it seems you’re taking right after him.”
    â€œI am NOT lying. He took a soul. That’s what he does.” She was taking his side over mine. Unbelievable.
    â€œFine,” Mom said, her nails tearing into the wood of the totem pole. “Then why don’t you tell me what happened today.”
    I couldn’t. Not with her looking at me like that.
    â€œLou?” she asked.
    â€œLast chance, Angel,” he warned me.
    I folded my arms and kept my mouth shut.
    No one said anything for what felt like days. Lou finally broke the silence. “I’m sorry, Angel,” he said. Then he told Mom everything. And not just what I did today with the love spell. Everything. All those mess-ups I’ve had with my powers since Lou entered my life. He filled her in on everything. Nothing was left out. NOTHING!
    And Mom just stood there quietly taking it all in.
    My insides felt like goo, but I couldn’t move. I felt like a prisoner listening to all the charges being read against me in court. Lou was the prosecution. And Mom was the judge. And from the expression on her face, a pretty unforgiving one.
    â€œDo you have anything to say?” Mom asked me when Lou finally finished.
    â€œNot guilty?” I said with a small smile.
    Mom did not find it humorous. Not at all.
    â€œAngel Kindness Garrett!” she shouted.
    This was serious. Mom was using my middle name. “What?” I asked. “It’s not my fault I have powers.” I looked right at her. “Besides, didn’t you say you’d love me no matter what? I guess that was a lie.”
    â€œYou know I love you. And I’m not mad that you have powers. You can’t help that. I’m mad that you lied about it. And I’m mad that you went around recklessly using them.”
    â€œI wasn’t reckless,” I objected.
    â€œYou tried to cast a love spell,” Lou offered. “That’s reckless.”
    Why didn’t he butt out of it? This was between my mom and me. “I was trying to help a friend.”
    â€œYou were playing with people’s emotions,” Mom said.
    â€œPeople do that all the time!” It was true. People messed around with feelings every day. I’d lost count of the number of times Courtney made Gabi or me feel like a turd. “I was just trying to help Gabi feel better!”
    â€œThat doesn’t matter,” Mom said.
    â€œDoesn’t matter? People were messing with my best friend. Saying all sorts of nasty things. I had to do something.”
    Mom raised her hand to stop me. “I don’t want to hear the excuses, Angel. You’re grounded.” She slammed the totem pole on the ground, finalizing her decision.
    Lou nodded in agreement.
    â€œThat’s not fair!” I screamed. I was fuming. “You don’t get it. If you guys were younger, then you’d understand. Then you’d see.”
    A swirl of red smoke snaked around my parents. I watched as the little lines on their foreheads and around their eyes vanished, their faces got fuller, jawlines softer, and the little patches of gray in their hair disappeared.
    Lou shrunk an inch and Mom’s stance changed. Their skin seemed tighter.
    They were morphing before my very eyes.
    Morphing into their younger selves.
    My parents had become teenagers.

chapter 13
    â€œMom?” I asked cautiously, eyeing her.
    â€œMom?” she elongated the word in the way you might if it were the most insulting word you could possibly call someone. Her voice was an octave higher than normal. “Are you talking to me ?”
    I should have kept my mouth shut! I knew I was angry. When was

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