Lovestruck in Los Angeles

Lovestruck in Los Angeles by Rachel Schurig Read Free Book Online

Book: Lovestruck in Los Angeles by Rachel Schurig Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rachel Schurig
had a run-in with Lola Fischer.”
    He made a face. “Every time you talk to her you should just replay the look on her face when you bitched her out at that party last year.”
    I smiled at him, feeling slightly better. It was nice that Charlie saw past her gorgeous figure and face and was on my side.
    “Hey, I haven’t asked you about your book!” he said. “Where are you with it?”
    The last remnants of my worry faded—that was the nice thing about Charlie, he was always so genuinely interested in his friends, and he could always cheer me up when I was feeling down.
    “I’ve been sending out query letters.” I had spent part of my first year in London writing a book, which I had finally finished when I returned in August. It was a story of self-discovery, a story of love, and heavily inspired by my time in London, my time with Thomas. Since finishing it, I’d been working to try and find an agent or an editor that might be interested. But all the rejection was kind of grueling. “No bites so far.”
    “It’s a tough gig.” He shook his head. “I’ve met a few writers in New York, you know, and they all say that first book is the toughest slog.”
    “Yeah, I’m not expecting any miracles. It’d be nice to get some feedback, though.”
    His face lit up. “You know what? Maybe I can help with that.”
    He nodded. “An old girlfriend of mine is a junior editor in New York. She’s kind of green, but she works for a great publishing house and she’s got a great eye. Want me to see if she’ll look over your manuscript? Maybe give you a critique?”
    I grabbed his arm. “That would be amazing! Do you think she’d be willing?”
    He shrugged. “I can’t promise anything. She’s pretty busy from what I gather. But she does owe me a favor. Should I try?”
    “Please,” I said, squeezing his arm. “Thank you, Charlie. That would be so awesome to see what someone in the industry actually thinks.”
    He grinned at me. “No problem, love.” I know how hard it is to get started in a creative field. I’m happy to help where I can.”
    Just like that, I felt revitalized. I didn’t have to spend all of my time in Los Angeles working on Thomas’s career—I could spend some time trying to get mine off the ground as well. What better place to get creative juices going then on that deck, with the romantic views of the ocean all around me?
    The party was a smashing success. Everyone seemed to have a good time, with the exception of Lola, who could be heard loudly complaining about having to trek all the way out to Kentish Town. But she’d left fairly early and, to my surprise, without Jackson. He had eventually joined our group of friends, some of whom he knew a little through Thomas, and I think he may have actually had a good time with the little people.
    Anne, Thomas’s mother, had pulled me in for a tight hug before leaving with her husband. “I cannot wait until you get home to hear all about it. Take good care of our boy, won’t you dear?”
    “I will,” I promised, squeezing her back.
    She kept her arms around me but pulled back far enough to look into my face. “I’m so glad he has you to go with him. I couldn’t have picked anyone better to have this adventure with him.”
    Touched, I kissed her cheek before moving to hug Gilbert, her husband, and Bryony.
    “Make sure you take him to Disney, Lizzie,” Bryony said. “Hey, did he ever tell you about the time he cried all day on Christmas because Father Christmas didn’t bring him tickets?”
    “Shut up, Bryony,” Thomas said, but he hugged her anyhow. “Of course I cried. It was the biggest disappointment of my life. Disneyland is cool .”
    “Of course it is, dear,” his mother said, hugging him one last time.
    We walked with them to the edge of the patio, waving as they crossed the street and headed for the nearest underground station. I felt sad, watching them go. I couldn’t put a price on the way his family accepted

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