Loving His Forever

Loving His Forever by LeAnn Ashers Read Free Book Online

Book: Loving His Forever by LeAnn Ashers Read Free Book Online
Authors: LeAnn Ashers
Tags: General Fiction
I’m not so scared anymore. Ethan takes me somewhere every other day so I can get used to being out.
    Ethan. He’s amazing, tender, caring, and so much more. Each day I grow closer to him, because with him I don’t feel like I have to walk on eggshells.
    “Wake up, Angel!” I can hear Ethan run into the room before he pulls the blanket off the bed. Not moving, I slow my breathing so it looks like I’m dead, relaxing my body so I’m weightless if he tries to move me. I can feel him standing beside me, staring.
    “Braelyn, wake up.” He shakes my shoulder. My head rolls to the side.
    “Angel?” he says again while picking up my hand and dropping it on the bed. He shakes my shoulder again, trying to wake me. I’m dying on the inside, wanting to laugh.
    “I swear to God, Braelyn, this isn’t funny!” His voice cracks, and I start to feel bad.
    He grabs my hands and lifts me to a sitting position. My body is limp and my head is leaning down toward my lap. He lets go of my hands in hope I’d show a reaction. I fall to the side with my head buried into the sheets and my body at an unnatural position.
    “Oh shit, shit,” Ethan says and climbs onto the bed.
    Then I feel his hand on my side. Oh no, he isn’t! He digs his fingers into my sides. Not able to control my laughter, I roll over to move his fingers off me.
    “Braelyn, don’t do that shit!” he growls then stomps away in mock anger. I cover my mouth with my hand, trying to trap my laugh.
    “Sorry, Etheyy!” I tell him in my sweetest voice before I scoot off the bed and walk past him into the hallway and go downstairs.
    I hear him run down the hallway and start to stomp down the stairs after me. My head shoots up, and I look behind me. Ethan has a wicked grin on his face. Grinning too, I race down the stairs and into the kitchen. I open the fridge to get the ketchup bottle, pop the lid, and turn around to confront him.
    He stares at me with wide eyes as he points at me. “Put it down, Braelyn.” His voice is deep with anger, but his eyes show his amusement.
    “No mercy!” I squeal and give the bottle a big squeeze. Ketchup covers his white T-shirt. His angry face turns to shock, then to an evil grin. He stalks toward me, and I back away slowly until my back hits the counter by the sink.
    Ethan’s entire front meets mine. He looks down at me and reaches behind me. What is he doing?
    Then the shock of ice-cold water hits my face. Jerking back, I fall onto the floor, trying to get away. Ethan laughs at me as I attempt to stand up. His hand grabs mine, halting my movements, then he continues to soak me completely with the sprayer from the sink. Laughing, I lift my hands to cover my face.
    “Do you give up?” he taunts me.
    “Never!” I yell and kick my legs out at him, trying to pull myself away. From that position, he sprays me directly in the face again.
    I grab his leg in an attempt to pull him down with me. I lift both legs and arms around his leg like a monkey. For that I get a shot of ice-cold water on my back. Squealing, I arch my back to dodge the water.
    I look around to try to find something to hit him with. Left with no choice, I bite his calf. He screams. Yes, screams like a little girl! I barely put on any pressure. He pushes me off him, and I let go, falling onto my back, laughing because hearing a scream coming from a man like him is beyond hilarious. I wipe away the tears and water from my face as I peer up at Ethan.
    He looks at me like he can’t believe I did that. To be honest, I can’t believe I did that either. It’s out of character for me. Hell, all of this is. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’m changing.
    Crab walking backwards, I move toward the living room and out of the shot of the sprayer. Ethan throws it down in the sink, and I scramble to my feet so I can run upstairs to the bathroom and lock the door.
    Slipping all the way up the stairs, I manage to slam the door in time. I can hear him laughing outside of

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