Lyon's Heart

Lyon's Heart by Jordan Silver Read Free Book Online

Book: Lyon's Heart by Jordan Silver Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jordan Silver
Tags: biker bad boy
morning, we didn’t have
shit planned and I was looking forward to nailing her ass to the
mattress all day. In the last few weeks I’ve been watching her like
a hawk for any new surprises and just when I let my guard down and
relax she starts this shit. I reached around on the way to her clit
and touched the tummy on the way down. Now last night when she was
riding my dick her stomach was still almost nonexistent now I could
definitely feel something.
    “What Colt? Deeper, harder
almost there.”
    I almost pulled the fuck out
but this was Kat, her pussy pretty much owns my ass so I kept
stroking. She soon had my mind off my new find and solely on her
pussy and the way she worked my cock.
    “I can feel your cock Colt,
fuck me harder baby.”
    Fuck she likes to light my
fuse. I’m trying to be easy here I can’t exactly fuck her the way I
usually do with my kid in her stomach. I held onto my control no
matter how she begged and pleaded for me to fuck the shit out of
her. She squeezed my cock until I was ready to howl at the moon. I
pulled on her nipples hard which lately makes her crazy and she
went off like a shot dragging me over the edge with her.
    “I’ll do your ass later.” I
dropped down beside her on the bed. I was huffing like a locomotive
while she smiled like a Cheshire cat and teased my ass, rubbing her
body all over mine.
    I was beginning to relax
when I remembered her tummy. I jumped up and stared down at her. I
couldn’t tell shit from the way she was laying so I made her get
    “Stand up Angel.”
    She looked at me all funny
and shit but she stood in front of me and my mouth went dry. Okay
Colton everyone already thinks you’ve lost your shit so don’t freak
the fuck out yeah! She had a fucking stomach, it wasn’t huge
because she’s a tiny bit of a thing but it was there. I was excited
and scared at the same time.
    “Where did that come from?”
I pointed down at her stomach accusingly; she looked down at
herself and then back up at me.
    “I’m pretty sure that’s
supposed to happen; isn’t that cool Colt? She’s in
    “That wasn’t there last
night Kat, the fuck!”
    “I know but they say that
can happen sometimes.” She was fucking beaming and here I was about
to freak the fuck out. Man the fuck up Lyon and don’t spoil this
for her. I’m not doing this shit again, no more kids that’s it.
That’s the fucked up thought that went through my head. Okay Colt
game face on, she’s standing there with her tummy sticking out
waiting for you to do the right thing. Conquer your fears bro and
surge ahead, everyone already thinks you’re nuts don’t prove them
right. I could hear Daniel the pothead in my head with his shit and
that propelled me forward.
    “Let me feel you
    She stuck her tummy out at
me proud as fuck and my hands shook when I reached out for her.
Fuck me, I kid you not I felt my heart shift when my hands landed
on that tiny little mound. That was my little girl in there. I got
to my knees and kissed her tummy.
    “Hello Caitie bear this is
your daddy.” I had tears in my fucking throat what a
    “Yep, Caitlin, I’ve decided
that that’s gonna be her name so if you and your crew had other
ideas tough nuts.”
    “Uh Colt, don’t you think we
should discuss this?”
    “Not really no what part of
I decided did you not get?”
    I sat on the edge of the bed
and pulled her between my thighs so I could study her stomach
before reaching into the nightstand and getting my book.
    “Ssh, let me see.” I read
about what to expect in this trimester and the changes that will
soon be going on in her body.
    “I’m not sure about this
shit Kat.” I had no idea I was going to say that shit out loud but
what do you want? I was doing my best here but I couldn’t seem to
keep up, shit kept changing up on me.
    “No more sex until after
she’s here.” Fuck how am I gonna pull that off? Months of no sex
I’d have to send Kat

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