Made For Sex

Made For Sex by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd Read Free Book Online

Book: Made For Sex by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd Read Free Book Online
Authors: Joan Elizabeth Lloyd
check for three hundred dollars and a thank-you note for the evening I spent with Tim.”
    â€œSo why are you so angry?” Jack said, dropping his briefcase on the hall table.
    â€œI didn’t do this to get paid. I feel like a whore.”
    â€œBut he was going to pay a prostitute anyway. Why shouldn’t you take the money?”
    Ronnie released her breath. “I am not a whore.”
    â€œNo one said you were.”
    â€œBut doesn’t this make me one? Sex for money.”
    â€œStop being judgmental,” Jack said walking into the kitchen. “You had fun, Tim had fun, and TJ was delighted with the way everything turned out. And Tim’s a better person because of your help. Right?”
    â€œYeah, but….” She was flustered.
    â€œDon’t but me. How can this be wrong when no one’s been hurt?”
    â€œBut I’m not a…” Ronnie paused.
    â€œHooker, call girl, prostitute, whore?” Jack said. “Words. Just words with all kinds of bullshit behind them. Stop using labels and think. Was anyone hurt?”
    â€œYou performed a service, and did it well. Right?”
    â€œSo you should be rewarded. Of course, you could send the check back….”
    â€œI could.”
    â€œBut you don’t want to. So the end result is that you had fun and got paid for it. A dream job.”
    â€œI guess I never thought of it that way.” She dropped into a chair. “God, I did have fun.”
    â€œAnd so did we that night, if you remember.” He groaned loudly and pressed a hand against the small of his back. “Our acrobatics almost put me out of commission for good.”
    Ronnie laughed. “You’re right, you know. I am being silly.” She stared at the check. “Three hundred dollars for having a good fuck. Seems almost too good to be true.”
    â€œSo buy yourself something extravagant. Buy some sexy lingerie and gift wrap your gorgeous body for me.”
    â€œI could squander this. It’s like found money.”
    â€œYes, it is. You know,” he paused, “my clients are sometimes out-of-town visitors who need to be entertained. Dinner, a show, intelligent conversation, and afterward…well, that’s between the client and his date. If you think you’d like to earn some extra money….”
    â€œFun and games and a little cash on the side. And only if you want to.”
    â€œHow much cash on the side?” she said, amazed at how excited she suddenly was by the idea.
    â€œI’ve never been involved directly, but from what I understand they pay anywhere from three hundred to one thousand dollars per evening. For adult entertainment.”
    Ronnie’s eyes widened. “One thousand dollars???”
    Jack nodded.
    â€œI’m flabbergasted. For doing what we’ve been doing anyway. Would you be okay with it, me with other men?”
    â€œWell, if you’ll tell me afterward a little about what happens, the idea turns me on.”
    â€œI won’t violate any confidences, you understand.”
    â€œOf course not.” He saw the gleam in Ronnie’s eye. “Interested?”
    â€œI think I might be.”
    He took her arm. “This conversation has made me horny. Wanna practice for your new profession? Or I could conduct your preemployment physical.”
    Ronnie headed for the stairs. “Last one to the bedroom has to sleep in the wet spot.”

    â€œA nd that was how this began,” Ronnie told Carla. “Tim took these pictures of me, you know.”
    â€œHe really does great work,” Carla said.
    â€œHe does, doesn’t he? He’s got a few girlfriends now, and he’s marvelous in bed. He loves women, and it shows in his photographs.”
    â€œI love happy endings.”
    â€œMe too.”
    â€œAnd this works for you, this call girl

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