Mail Order Cowboy (Love Inspired Historical)
Could she trust him, or would he disappear as soon as he realized what a hard life he was signing up for, even temporarily? Was he just trying to impress her with his generosity, in an effort to woo her, to get her to let her guard down? Might he try to take liberties with her once she was depending on him?
    â€œIf you would feel more secure about allowing me to stay on and help you,” he began, “you may dismiss what I said in the churchyard before all this happened, about getting to know you better. I know you have a lot on your mind right now besides courting, and if you only want me to serve as a cowhand, I believe you call it, and a guard to protect you and your sister, I’ll understand.”
    â€œI…I don’t know what to say,” Milly managed at last. “What you’re offering is…more than generous.”
    â€œGirl, I think you better take him up on it,” a voice rasped from the bed beside them, and they both started.
    â€œJosh, you’re awake!” she cried. How long had he been listening? “How do you feel?”
    â€œLike I been stomped on by a herd a’ cattle with hooves sharp as knives,” Josh said, smiling weakly. “With a little luck I reckon I’ll make it, though. But it’s gonna be a while afore I’m fit t’manage this here ranch an’ keep young Bobby from daydreamin’ the day away. This here Englishman’s willin’ to help you out, so I reckon you should accept an’ say thank you to the good Lord fer sendin’ him.”

Chapter Five
    B efore Josh had begun speaking, Nick had watched the conflicting emotions parading across Milly’s face—doubt, trust, fear, hope. Now, at the old cowboy’s urging, the battle was over and trust had won—trust in old Josh’s opinion, if not in Nick himself, as yet.
    â€œJosh has never steered us wrong,” she said, smiling down at the old cowboy and then back at Nick. “So I will take you up on your very kind offer, Nicholas Brookfield, at least until Josh is back on his feet.”
    He gave both of them a brilliant smile, then bowed. “Thank you,” he said. “I’m honored. I shall endeavor to be worthy of the trust you’ve placed in me.”
    Milly looked touched, but Josh gave a chuckle that had him instantly wincing at the movement to his ribs. “Boy, that was a might pretty speech for what you just signed up for—a lot a’ hard work in the dust and heat.”
    â€œI’ll be very dependent on your advice, sir.”
    â€œI—I can’t pay you anything for the time being,” Milly said apologetically. “Just your room and board.”
    â€œMy needs are simple,” Nick said. “Room and boardwill be plenty.” He was only a third son of a nobleman, but he still wasn’t exactly a pauper, so he had little need of whatever sum most cowboys were paid a month beyond their keep. He would have to write to the bank in Austin that was handling his affairs and notify them that his address would be in Simpson Creek, for now.
    â€œI suppose you could have my father’s bedroom when the doctor leaves…” Milly mused aloud.
    â€œThat won’t be necessary,” he replied quickly. “The bunkhouse will be fine for me.”
    Her forehead furrowed. “But…surely you’ve never slept in such humble circumstances,” she protested. “I mean…in a bunk bed? I imagine you’re used to much better, being from England and all.”
    He thought for a moment of his huge bedchamber back home in East Sussex at Greyshaw Hall, with its canopied bed and monogrammed linen sheets, and his comfortable quarters in Bombay and his native servant who had seen to his every need. Yes, he had been “used to much better,” but he had also experienced much worse.
    â€œMiss Matthews, I told you I was a soldier until recently, and while on campaign I have slept

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