Making His Move

Making His Move by Rhyannon Byrd Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Making His Move by Rhyannon Byrd Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rhyannon Byrd
know you even better than I already do, Soph. I swear I do. But I don’t think I can wait another second to get inside you.”
    “Then don’t.”
    The next thing she knew, his hands were under her bottom, the muscles in his arms flexing beneath the tight stretch of his colorful skin as he easily lifted her up, pressing her against the front of his body, his big cock sandwiched between them. His mouth found hers as he carried her the few feet to the sofa, the rawness of his kiss making her toes curl as he perched her on the sofa’s padded leather arm, his hips forcing her legs to spread for him as he pushed between them. His tongue swept across the roof of her mouth, and then he nipped the fleshy pad of her lower lip, before asking, “You okay, sweetheart?”
    “Yes.” Gripping on to his strong shoulders, she pulled back until she could look him in the eye, and said, “Just promise me that this won’t change things. I want you so much, Chris, but...but it would kill me to lose your friendship.”
    “Shh, baby, that’s not gonna happen.”
    “How do you know?”
    He gripped the back of her neck again, his other hand stroking up the inside of her thigh, higher...and higher. When he reached the crotch of her panties, he cupped her plump, satin-covered sex, and growled, “I won’t let it happen because you mean too much to me, Soph.”
    She gave a low moan that cracked with emotion, and he made another rough, guttural sound as he lowered her to the sofa, coming down over her as he pressed her into the leather cushions that were suddenly beneath her back. She felt cocooned in warmth, despite the air-conditioned chill in the condo, his sharp-edged male energy wrapping around her like a blistering wave of heat, scorching her sensitive skin. He was hot, and so wonderfully hard, trapping her there beneath his magnificent body, and she loved it. She desperately wanted to feel him pushed beyond control, into a place that was primal and fierce and wild.
    He rubbed her satin-covered sex with one hand, while the other fisted in her hair, holding her still as he kissed her in every way imaginable, his head angling from side to side. His tongue was so wickedly skilled that she didn’t want to think about how he had come to know so much about kissing...or to be so freaking good at it. Then she mentally scowled, knowing damn well that she didn’t have any right to be jealous.
    “You’re going to fucking scream for me, Sophie,” he warned, just before he nipped her bottom lip again in a feral, erotic move that she loved . His long fingers tucked beneath the sopping strand of satin covering her sex and wrenched hard to the right, shredding the delicate fabric, before ripping it again at her hip. One long, callused finger circled her slippery entrance, then pushed inside, his breath hissing through his teeth as her inner muscles clamped down on that single digit. A second finger quickly joined the first, his lips and tongue and teeth still driving her wild as he pumped those long digits inside her narrow sheath, his muscles like carved granite beneath her greedy, stroking hands.
    “You’re so fucking tight ,” he growled against her mouth, her body making a wet, sucking sound as he pulled his fingers free. Before she could shout her protest, needing him back inside her, she felt the searing heat of his heavy, broad cockhead prodding her tender flesh, and wanted to sob with relief that she was finally going to have even more of him. He cursed something low and rough under his breath, then pushed just the first few hard, burning inches of his cock inside her, and cursed again. Gripping her behind her left knee, he lifted it higher, another gritty curse on his lips as he sank into her tight flesh a few inches more, stretching her so wide that the sting brought a rush of tears to her eyes. “How long, Sophie?” he suddenly demanded, his cheekbones flushed with color, eyes heavy and piercing as he stared down at her. “How long

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