Making it Personal

Making it Personal by KC Wells Read Free Book Online

Book: Making it Personal by KC Wells Read Free Book Online
Authors: KC Wells
    Chapter Four
Will came through the main door to Blake’s building and stopped. Unlike the previous night, there was a doorman on duty, his feet up on the front desk, watching a small TV. His gaze snapped upward at Will’s approach.
“Good evening, Sir. Can I help you?”
Will gave him a friendly smile. “I’m here to see Blake Davis, top floor.”
    The doorman nodded. “Mr. Davis told me to expect you, Sir. Go right on up.” Will dipped his chin in acknowledgment and headed for the elevator. His stomach was in knots for the third time in twenty-four hours. Waiting for his interview that morning had been nerve-racking enough, but that was nothing compared to his state the previous evening. He knew he came across as calm and confident, but it was an act, nothing more. Thankfully Blake had helped dissipate his nerves. Will was floundering in the dark right now, having no clue what was coming at him. What does he want to discuss ? It had occurred to him when Blake suggested dinner that he wanted to get him in the sack once more, but Will dismissed the thought almost instantaneously. Even on the evidence of such a short acquaintance, Blake appeared to have more integrity than that. Will closed his eyes, taking calming breaths as the elevator made its smooth journey up to the top floor. When the doors slid open, he stepped out and raised his hand to knock, only to pause before his hand made contact with the door. He dragged air into his lungs. C’mon, get it together .
    The door opened unexpectedly and Blake stood there, dressed in jeans and a blue shirt that matched his eye color. Will’s cock hardened at the sight. Does the man have to be so fucking beautiful ? It was the only word that did him justice.
    Blake smiled. “Right on time. Come on in.” He followed Blake into the lounge where the gas fire was burning, its warmth spilling out into the room. Will sniffed up appreciatively. Something smelled good.
“It’s only chicken from the local deli.” There was an apologetic note to Blake’s voice. “With green beans and sautéed potatoes.” Will’s stomach growled and his cheeks heated up. Blake chuckled. “Want to eat while we talk?”
“Sounds good.” Will was famished. Blake led the way into a small room off the lounge which Will hadn’t noticed the previous night. Hardly surprising, I was too busy fucking . The thought didn’t help cool his burning cheeks for an instant. He stared at the dining table surrounded by four chairs, the table set for two. Wine glasses stood on coasters.
“I wasn’t sure if you would be driving tonight. I know we had champagne last night. There’s juice or water if you’d prefer.”
Will liked Blake’s manner. Something about the man put Will at his ease.
“Juice would be great.”
Blake smiled once more and disappeared off into what had to be the kitchen. Will sat and spread the white napkin over his lap, just as Blake returned with a glass of juice. Once it was handed over, he disappeared once more, returning with two plates piled with chicken and vegetables, the aroma of lemon and garlic making Will’s mouth water.
They ate slowly, Will relishing every bite. “This is delicious.”
Blake finished his current mouthful before speaking. “I usually eat this once a week. It’s quick if I have work to do and no time to cook.”
“Do you work most evenings?” Will forked another morsel of chicken, savoring the subtle flavors.
Blake nodded. “Unfortunately, right now I have no work-life balance. The job tends to take over everything.”
“Then it’s a good thing you’re taking me on, isn’t it?” Will placed his fork against the plate and regarded Blake for a moment. “You were serious, weren’t you? About the job?”
“Of course!” Blake seemed surprised by the question. “Did you think I was pulling your leg or something?” He stared at Will in silence for a second or two.
Will leaned back into his chair. “To be honest, I was shocked when

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