She was so wet her cunt positively pleaded for his cock. And she knew he knew it. Cyrus picked her up roughly by the ass and tossed her onto the bed. She opened up to him, checking her hands. Sometimes, they partially shifted when she was like this, when she was so horny she didn’t know which way was up. She didn’t care if her hands had shifted, she was just testing herself, checking herself. All she really wanted to do was open herself up to him, to be consumed by him.
    “Fuck me, Cyrus,” she whispered.
    “I’ll fuck you, baby,” he growled. “I’ll fuck your brains right out of you.”
    He took a step backward and kicked the door shut behind him.
    “You promise?” she asked.
    “Every time I open my mouth, whether it’s to suck back your tongue or lick your sweet pussy, it’s a promise. A promise that you and I can make fire together.”
    Kendra pressed her thighs together in anticipation. She’d been avoiding men since her ex. Every heat for the past six months had been a dry heat, a heat where she had cloistered herself without sex, without mating. But this heat was something different. This was a wet heat if she had ever felt one. Her pussy was wet, the air was wet, everything was wet. She may have driven out here to the middle of nowhere to be alone, but she couldn’t get away from who she was and what she wanted, and looking at Cyrus standing there in the dim light made her want him all the more.
    Cyrus popped open the buttons of his coveralls and stepped out of them. They fell off his shoulders like so much unwanted fabric and she got a good look at his mammoth cock. He was a tiger shifter, so she knew his cock would be bigger than normal men, but he was big even for a tiger. What was an Alpha like this doing driving a tow truck? Did he like the simple life? Or did it give him an opportunity to spread his seed far and wide? She didn’t care as long as he spread it inside of her.
    “What’s your last name?” Kendra asked.
    “I like to know who a man is before I sleep with him.”
    “White. Cyrus White,” he replied. “And I guarantee you won’t be sleeping.”
    “What will I be doing then?” Kendra asked.
    “Before or after I lick your sweet pussy to the edge of ecstasy?”
    “How about during?”
    “You’re going to ride my tongue all the way to the ends of the earth. And you’re going to like it. I guarantee it.”
    She licked her lips, sizing up his cock, wondering if she would be able to take it all in. Her tigress wanted it, but a tiger could be rough. She knew that even in their human form they could barely contain themselves. She hadn’t had sex with a shifter for a long time, and she wasn’t sure she was ready for it. Oh, hell yes, she was ready. She was so ready she could practically taste his seed. Kendra splayed her legs wide.
    “Fuck my heat,” she moaned.
    He grabbed her legs, just below the knees and pulled her toward him. Now it was just the thin, moist fabric of her panties that separated her from his cock. She took hard shallow breaths as he reached down and ripped her dress open in one brutal tear.
    Fuck. She needed that.
    Her nipples had hardened into tight little buds that were practically drilling holes into the lace of her bra. Cyrus pulled her up by the arms, and she wrapped her legs around him as he buried his face in her breasts. She laid her head back as his mouth found her nipple. He tugged back on the sensitive flesh with his lips and she let out a moan.
    “Which part of me do you want to fuck first?” she asked. “My pussy or my ass?”
    “Whichever you like,” Cyrus growled.
    “My pussy,” Kendra said. “I want you to lick it. I want you to fuck it. With your tongue, then your cock. Then I want you to do more.”
    “Yes. More.”
    She felt him reach up between her legs and slip his thumb under her wet panties.
    There you go, she thought. That’s it. Cyrus slid his thumb up her slippery crease and pressed into

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