Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras by Lacey Alexander Read Free Book Online

Book: Mardi Gras by Lacey Alexander Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lacey Alexander
she slid the length of the tool along the swell of one breast, the leather braiding that circled it creating a pleasant sensation as it passed over her skin.
    As she’d hoped, the fire returned to his eyes. “Does using it turn you on?” She nodded. “Very much.”
    “What do you want me to do?” he asked, seeming ready to acquiesce.

    Lacey Alexander
    “Do what I say and only that. Don’t question me or argue with me. Take what you’re given and like it.”
    She sensed the exacting command sinking into his arousal, making him want to obey.
    And for the first time in the midst of her attempted discipline, she noticed his cock.
    It was even bigger than she’d imagined. Certainly the largest specimen she’d ever had.
    The sight of it made her bite her lip with hunger as she reached out with her new leather toy. Sliding it behind his erection, she pulled it forward a bit, then removed the crop, letting the shaft slap softly against his abs. He let out a soft, quick moan.
    But she couldn’t let herself be sidetracked by his hard-on, no matter how colossal and beautiful it looked, so it was back to business. “Turn around and lean over the chair.”
    She watched Ty take a deep breath, then pivot, bending slightly at the waist, his wrists still bound behind him. “Like this?”
    “Yes, that will do. Now tell me you’ve been a bad boy.” He hesitated, so she took the opportunity to snap the crop lightly against his lovely, masculine ass, surprised at the pleasure the strike delivered…to her. “Say it,” she commanded.
    He sighed, still looking reluctant. “I’ve been a bad boy.” She smacked his ass with the crop again, slightly harder this time.
    “Oh God , I’ve been a bad boy.”
    Mmm, yes, that time it sounded like her little spanking was starting to feel good to him.
    Her cunt throbbed when she slapped the crop harder across his flesh, this time leaving a pink mark. He moaned.

    Mardi Gras
    Each successive strike of the riding crop elicited another groan from Ty, each sounding deeper, deeper, until she asked him, “Do you like your whipping from Mistress Mina?”
    He nodded vigorously, even if he looked a bit spent with desire. “Yes.”
    “Mmm, that’s a good boy,” she purred, her pussy humming with delight at his submission. “Now, sit back down.”
    He obeyed, and when she next saw his eyes, she knew she had him utterly excited, and ready for whatever came next.
    “Do you want to see more of me?” She drew the riding crop sensually through her legs and up her pussy in case he needed some inspiration.
    He answered deeply. “Oh yes.”
    “Beg me.”
    He didn’t hesitate this time. “Please let me see you, Mistress Mina. Let me see your breasts, let me see your pretty pussy.”
    Oooh, she liked him this way—so much so that it increased the pulse in her cunt and she could barely wait to let him see more of her.
    Abandoning her riding crop on the couch behind her, she reached up to curl her fingers into the cups of her bra, slowly pulling them down to reveal taut pink nipples, standing thick and erect. The beads she wore fell between her breasts. He let out a low groan and she ran her hands over them, tweaking the rosy tips.
    “So pretty,” he murmured.
    “Beg to see my pussy some more,” she instructed him.
    The request brought fresh heat to his expression. “Please, Mistress Mina, show me your pussy. Show me your hot, pink cunt. I want to see how wet and open you are.” Mmm, just what the dominatrix ordered. Like before, his begging upped her excitement, getting her even more turned on than she already was.

    Lacey Alexander
    She turned, putting her back to him, then slipped her fingers beneath the elastic at her hips. She drew her panties down over her garters and stockings, bending at the waist to give him a hot view from behind. When the panties were at her ankles, she stepped free and turned to stand before him, exposed.
    “Oh God,” he breathed, his gaze glued

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