Marie Sexton - Coda 04 - Strawberries for Dessert

Marie Sexton - Coda 04 - Strawberries for Dessert by Marie Sexton Read Free Book Online

Book: Marie Sexton - Coda 04 - Strawberries for Dessert by Marie Sexton Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marie Sexton
like a lover. He stretched out on his own side of the bed and fell back to sleep without saying a word.
    He was still sleeping when I woke up the next morning. When I was at home, I jogged almost every morning, but I hated to jog in Vegas. Something about exercising in the middle of all that decadence just seemed absurd. Instead I made do with the treadmill in my building’s fitness room. I went back to my condo to shower, and when I emerged from the bathroom, dripping wet with a towel around my waist, I found him still in bed but awake.
“How much time do you have?” he asked as he sat up on the edge of the bed.
“I have to leave in forty minutes.”
    He reached over and grabbed my towel and used it to pull me closer. He opened it up and dropped it on the floor, which was more than enough to get my full attention. His lips brushed my stomach. “Just enough time for a blowjob or breakfast, but not both, I’m afraid.” The tip of his tongue moved slowly up my shaft, causing me to shiver.
“Who needs breakfast?” I managed to say, although my voice came out hoarse and breathy.
He smiled up at me. “Good choice, sugar.”
    Date: June 8
From: Cole
To: Jared
    You’ll never guess where I am, Sweets. I’m in Vegas with Jonathan. Strangely serendipitous, isn’t it? I would love to give you the dirty details, but what comes around goes around. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

WASN ’ T surprised to find him in the kitchen when I got home that
night. The table was already set. “I hope you don’t feel obligated to cook,” I told him as he put a big bowl of étouffée on the table. “Love, I don’t feel obligated to do anything . You should try it sometime.”
I couldn’t even imagine how it must feel to be so free. “What did you do today?” I asked.
    “I read. I napped. I wandered around.”
“Did you go to the casinos?”
“Yes, but only for the shopping. I abhor gambling.”
“Then why come to Vegas?”
    “I don’t know, love,” he said, giving me a sly smile. “It must be the all-you-can-eat bacon.” I laughed at that. “You’re here a lot?” he asked.
“Enough to buy a condo here.”
He let his cinnamon hair fall forward so I couldn’t see his eyes. “And what do you normally do for company when you’re here?” 40
    “Find somebody at the club or go to the bathhouse.” He shuddered dramatically, which made me laugh again. “Does it bother you that much?”
“I admit I’ve only tried a bathhouse a few times, but I was never overly impressed with the selection.”
“So what do you do when you’re traveling?”
He tipped his hair out of his face and said with a smile, “I have friends.”
    “Friends like me, you mean.”
“Of course.”
“‘A girl in each port’?” I asked, smiling.
“Not a girl in the bunch, love, I assure you.”
“So who do you have in Paris?”
“Arman and Jori. Arman is infinitely more fun, but he’s perpetually in and out of relationships.”
“And when he’s ‘in,’ that makes him off-limits?”
“Absolutely, love. His relationships never last, but I won’t be the one to break them up.”
“And Jori?”
    “Jori is the most beautiful man I’ve ever met.” He stopped short and winked at me conspiratorially. “Present company excluded of course.”
“Of course,” I said, laughing. I was fairly average. I had no misconceptions as to who was probably better looking.
    “But Jori’s mostly in the closet,” he went on. “He only divorced his wife a couple of years ago, and we can’t ever go out in public. It’s such a bore.”
“There’s a club in Hilo, but I don’t have the energy for that kind of thing. I find it terribly dull. It’s mostly college students anyway, and 41
    suffice it to say, love, those boys get a little younger every year.” “It does seem that way.”
“But there’s a bartender there named Rudy. He’s not exactly an Adonis, but he’s

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