Master of Power #1
blue eyes, I stepped out. “Your room,” I whispered as if I was afraid that I would hear myself. By now I wasn’t drunk, but I wished I had been. Maybe I could have had an excuse for what I knew was going to occur, but I had the power to call it a night and take my happy ass to my room, interfere with Tamika sucking her Latin man off, or go for it.
    I went for it!
    I thought I had hit the lottery with men when he showed interest in me. It was my one and only chance to fuck a man of his caliber and his good looks and I took it because I didn’t think I would ever see him again.
    If I never got the chance again to be with a man that made me feel so good, then at least I could say that in my life, this man of distinction wanted me for one night, and I wanted him. 
    In the game of gambling, I pulled a card, and pulled out the ace of hearts. Now it all depended on what cards he was holding. 
    It was like Tamika said, sometimes you get fucked, and sometimes you fuck them. Yeah she’s right because tonight one of us will get fucked. When I glanced into Hayden’s secretive eyes, I knew it was me who would get fucked in more ways than one, and to tell you the truth, I didn’t care because life is a gamble.
    I was hot and wet and he knew it. He knew the smell of a woman’s lust and it smelled like me. He wanted to taste me where he would have me weak for him and I would be desperate for him, and he would have me right where he wanted me—wanting more, where I would do anything he asked.
    Knowing all of this, I anxiously, eagerly, impatiently, followed him to his room.

Chapter Seven
    H ayden placed the key in the slot and opened the door with one hand while holding me up with the other. I felt good in his strong arms, although, he treated me like a bag of groceries containing a carton of eggs that he didn’t want to fall and break making a mess on the floor, because they were on the supper menu.
    He placed one foot in first with the expensive black loafers to catch the door and keep me safely in his arms. After getting me safely in the room, he used his back to close the door.
    I was looking for a couch to fall onto, but that would mean me walking straight ahead, but in that large suite it appeared miles away, and Hayden couldn’t wait, so he pressed me against the wall, placing my hands above my head, he pushed his body next to mine.
    Looking me in the eyes he said, “I can’t wait. Do you feel me?” I felt him alright. He placed my one hand on his penis, as his mouth found mine. His cock was rock hard but his mouth soft and warm.
    Pulling my hand from him, he still had control over it and he placed it over my head. When he pulled his warm mouth from mine he slid his nose to my ear.
    “Damn woman but you smell good. I have to have you now.” I was getting wet from the sound of his hoarse silky voice.
    “I have to freshen up first,” I said to him because by now my thong was moist. Not that it was the best thing to wear under a dress, but I didn’t want a panty line and most of all, I didn’t think I would be in this position and with the man of my dreams who couldn’t wait to get a piece of me.
    “I want you just as you are. I’m too fucking hot to let you leave me now,” he said breathless. Hayden dropped my hands and raised my black dress up pass my waist. He gazed at me with a dark hungry stare.
    Then dropping to his knees he reached down and pulled my shoes off and threw them across the room. “Why are you wearing this,” he said practically ripping my pantyhose from my body. I stepped out of the panty hose when they lay at my feet. He picked them up and smelled them and I heard a satisfied moan.
    His eyes focused on my thong. He laced his finger under the fragile black lace fabric pulling it to the side, he placed his mouth on my stomach, and I felt the warmth of the flood of air coming from his moans, as his hands moved slowly skimming both thighs, then up and around to my ass.
    “I want to lick

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