Master of the Game (Rush Series Book 3)

Master of the Game (Rush Series Book 3) by LR Potter Read Free Book Online

Book: Master of the Game (Rush Series Book 3) by LR Potter Read Free Book Online
Authors: LR Potter
      Her inability to control other parts of her
life caused her to demand control in this heated moment. She wanted him. She
refused to deny herself anything ever again. She’d been living the life of a
fool, a life where she thought she’d been in control of things. She’d found out
well enough that she was powerless. She wanted to forget about Miguel, Jorge, Lex , about everything except for this blonde-haired
American, who was sexy and knew nothing about the half-life she now had - the
life where she was forced to lie about who she was and where she came from. A
life where the phrase ‘a matter of life or death’ was truer and more terrifying
than anything she’d ever imagined. She wanted this stolen moment, and
afterwards, she’d walk away, never to see him again. In the frightening days
ahead, she wanted to be able to look back and remember the feel of his skin
sliding against hers… pushing his body into hers until she screamed out.
curled her fingers into the short hair at the nape of his neck. She gasped when
he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and nipped it almost to the point of
pain – but not quite. They broke apart slowly each drawing in short, pants of
taking her glazed brown eyes off his, she stepped back and raised her blouse up
over her head and tossed it aside. She was comfortable with her body. She was
comfortable with him seeing her body.
She’d had sex with a couple of guys before, the first time being during her
first year at UF. It had been a dismal display of unfulfilled groping and
totally uninspired. The second had been after she’d first come back home. He’d
been a friend of Roman’s, but now he was one of her tormentors. He was a little
older and while it had been obvious he was more experienced than her first, it,
too, had left her wanting. Regardless, she wanted to feel and not think… if
only for a little while.
she lowered her hands to unfasten her jeans, Alex moved swiftly to her and
grasped her face in his hands. He wanted this woman, had wanted her all night.
He refused to continue analyzing what had brought her to this decision. With
impatient lips, he plundered her mouth, once again not seeming to be able to
get enough of the taste of her. With the slightest of pressure, she opened her
lips to his and he darted his tongue into her mouth. The slick slide of tongue
against tongue was an erotic sensation. She lifted her hands up to his chest
and began to unbutton his shirt.
    He lowering his lips to follow the curve
of her neck, sliding his tongue along the vein protruding there. He reached
behind her and unfastened her bra. Her skin was soft underneath the roughness
of his fingertips. She groaned when he allowed his fingers to skid across her
breasts. Her nipples tightened into small pebbles of intense sensitivity. With
her breathing ragged and movements jerky, she fumbled
the rest of his buttons out of their corresponding holes and finally his shirt
was opened to her impatient hands. His bare chest and stomach were just as
muscular and trim as the rest of him. She ran exploring hands over the exposed
areas. She heard him suck in air when her hands reached his tensed stomach
muscles. She pressed her lips against the muscular planes of his chest and ran
her tongue along the underside of his collarbone.
lowered his hands down to the waistband of her jeans and quickly unfastened
them before slipping them away from her body, her panties lowering with them.
He ran his exploring fingers over her bared bottom, and she trembled against
    “I need
you now,” she murmured when he raised his lips back up to hers.
understood the need… the desire to forget something – hell, he’d invented it.
He didn’t know what she needed to forget… and right then, he didn’t care. And
while it probably should have bothered him that her need had more to do with
that than with him, the feel   of her
silky skin pressed hotly against his caused him

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