Maze (The Ballerina Series #2)

Maze (The Ballerina Series #2) by Ursula Sinclair Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Maze (The Ballerina Series #2) by Ursula Sinclair Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ursula Sinclair
separating us and hold us together.
should have done more to draw you out,” I offered.
smiled sadly. “Maybe. But even if you did I’m not sure you’d have been able to
do it from Japan. We both needed to go our own way back then. It was the right
thing to do. We had to grow separately I think to fully understand what it
means to be together. I…I never let you know how much your text on the day…Shel
died meant to me. No one, not even my folks or hers, ever thought to check up
on me on that date. You were the only one who seemed to understand. It held me
together. For a long time I blamed myself, you. If I hadn’t been with you I would
have been, should have been with her.”
eyes filled with tears and I wiped them away with my thumb. “Shhh, it was not
your fault. My God, you could have been in the golf cart that night with her
and she would probably still have been driving.”
all true. I hated driving and Shel loved the carts. We’d taken that same
dangerous path many nights during the summer at the beach. And I know she would
have been drunk. I had been drinking that night, too. I no longer blame myself,
or you. I haven’t for a long time now, but your texts meant a lot to me. It
kept me close to Shel on a day when I needed someone to acknowledge she once
lived. What she meant to me. You did. So thank you for that.”
wrapped my arms around her and drew her to me, but before I could do anything
else the car pulled up in front of her condo.
here,” Terry said needlessly through the speaker.
glanced up. Yep, we were. I untangled us and by the time I reached for the door
handle it was already being opened for me.
went up to her place and after Ivy opened the door we found the condo dark. I
remembered she’d left a lamp on near the windows when we’d left earlier. But
Dante could have turned them off. No sooner did I think that when I realized
there was someone on the couch. In fact, two someones. One on top of the other
and they were as still as stone. From the whiff of sex in the air I knew what
they were doing.
put my arm around Ivy and guided her to her room without looking in the
direction of the couch or who was on it. It wasn’t until we got to her room and
closed the door that she sat on her bed and giggled.
God. I’m glad it was dark in there.” She laughed. “I wonder who Dante’s hooking
up with now?”
know and don’t care.” And I didn’t as long as it wasn’t Ivy. He and I had made
peace but I wasn’t stupid. I knew if I blew it he’d be right there to console
her. Fucker. And that is exactly what he’d been doing.
wonder if it’s a guy? Oh my God, I so do not need to see that, or him with
Christy either.” She began to laugh again and put her hand over her mouth to
stifle her mirth.
smiled, she’s so naïve. Then I frowned. Maybe it was getting too crowded with
us all here. We’d been spending most of the time at Ivy’s only going back to my
place in Brooklyn a couple of times over the last few days. Mostly because the
condo was near the hospital. But Joe hopefully would be out in another day or
so, and I needed to turn my attention to the gym. There was a nice two-bedroom
apartment on the second floor of the building. I knew I owned the building, but
if the apartment was rented out I didn’t know if I’d be able to break someone’s
lease. I remembered Uncle Tsang told Joe how he’d had it renovated a year ago
and rented it out. It was why, when we’d made plans to return to the U.S., we
didn’t stay there. I wondered if may be it was now available? I’d check first
thing in the morning. Once Ivy’s cast came off it would be easy for me to help
her exercise every day so she could dance again. If the apartment was available
it might be a good place for us, Ivy and me. That is, if she even wanted to be
with me 24/7.
watched her beautiful smile, she was probably still thinking about walking

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