MC: Callahan

MC: Callahan by L. Ann Marie Read Free Book Online

Book: MC: Callahan by L. Ann Marie Read Free Book Online
Authors: L. Ann Marie
and slide away from him to go to the bathroom. When I get back I slip the covers off him and see he’s going to be awake soon. Perfect. Gently, I stroke him and slide my tongue down his length. He makes me smile with a soft moan. Rimming his curved bar, he raises his hips trying for more. He loves waking up like this, so I work to make it good. “Tiny Dancer, as good as it is waking up with your mouth on me, I’m not coming in your mouth. Ride me, babe.” His voice is husky, sending a shiver down my back. I nip his head and slide my body over his, biting his nipple and pulling on the ring. “Fuck, slide on my cock, I need your pussy now, babe.” He doesn’t wait. Lifting me, he slides me right down him with some force. “Ready for me. I love how you’re always fuckin’ ready.” He sits up and slides up so his back is on the headboard. As soon as he’s got us there my jewel is being pulled by him. “Put your chain on next time, Tiny Dancer.” He grabs the other and my head falls back as sparks run through me. His hands move to my hips and he moves me faster. I love how he gets me there so freakin’ fast. My hand moves to my pussy, helping move that along. “Let me hear it, babe.” He’s got me hammering down on him like a jackhammer and I explode. “Right on my cock, just like that.” He’s breathing heavy. When I can focus, I’m against his chest feeling like a rag doll. My pussy is still spasming. I moan as he kisses behind my ear. “Love you, Tiny Dancer.” I grunt because that’s all I have.
    Someone is pounding on the door. “Fuck! Gimme a minute!” he yells, making me smile. We hear a little ‘all right’ through the door.
    “Let me get you in the shower, Nance. I need to get to work.” He lifts me off him and carries me to the bathroom. I love how strong he is. I’m five eight and he makes me feel small.
    I’m showered and dressing when he comes in the closet fully dressed. “Love you, big Tiny.”
    He smiles, bending to kiss me. When he stands up he asks, “You okay with me leaving?”
    He’s so damn thoughtful. “Yeah, I got this,” I tell him, sliding a skirt on.
    “I’m out on a job today. Call Keith if you need anything,” he says, bending once more to kiss behind my ear. I nod, feeling my nipples get hard. He’s always done it and my body always reacts the same way. I watch him walk out the door and scramble for my shoes.
    I get to the kitchen and three of the five kids are waiting with smiles. “Good morning, Jason, José, and Billy. Eggs?” They all want eggs. I get them and some toast made and watch them eat with a smile. Jason is eight, José is ten, and Billy is nine. They are almost a full year apart. “Aren’t you eating, Nancy?” José asks.
    “I will once I’ve have a cup of coffee in me. I have trouble thinking before that.”
    They look at each other. José looks at me, “Did we get up too early? Leslie told us seven was good on weekdays, eight on weekends, but you didn’t give us a time.”
    I look at the clock. It’s just six-thirty. “We can stick to those times, they worked for you and it will be easy to remember.” He looks down. I look at the other boys. They’re all looking down. “It will take some getting used to, you living here is new to us too. We’ll all learn as we go.”
    Bobby looks up. “You’re not mad?”
    I smile at him. “Nope. Tiny had to be up early anyway; today worked out okay.” Sandy comes down the stairs with Sheila. “Good morning, girls.” Sandy has a huge grin on. She likes her new sister.
    “Momma.” She runs to me. I kiss her cheek and ask if she wants eggs. Sheila says just toast and she can get it. Sandy, of course, wants toast. Sheila laughs and tells her she has to help. I watch with a smile.
    I get eggs and toast on two plates just as Ricky makes it down the stairs. “Morning, Ricky.”
    He’s smiling. “It is.” He’s cute. I see why Sally is so attached to him. He was great yesterday helping them

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