Medium in Paradise: A Humorous Paradise Romance

Medium in Paradise: A Humorous Paradise Romance by Tabby Moray Read Free Book Online

Book: Medium in Paradise: A Humorous Paradise Romance by Tabby Moray Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tabby Moray
all alone. Isn’t one girl in the men’s bathroom enough?” she asked with a dry laugh, trying for offhand humor while trying to figure out how the hell to get out of this awkward conversation. Her fingers had somehow found their way back to the necklace, and she nervously massaged the butterfly as if it were some sort of talisman that could ward off evil.
    “No, there were definitely two distinct female voices in here. Yours and the other woman. She sounded awfully familiar…” he said, trailing off with a slight frown. He dried his hands on a couple of paper towels, wadding them up and tossing them in the garbage, his face filled with the suspicion of a cop rooting out a lie. Still looking at her, he began rapidly opening the stalls until he’d gone through all four save the one he’d been in. “I know I heard another voice.” He was mystified, peering around as though this other woman would just appear out of thin air. Hell, maybe she would.
    “No, it was just me.” Her words lacked conviction, but before he could ask any further questions, she rushed the conversation to the end. “I have somewhere I need to be, sooo byyeee!” Wiggling her fingers like a reality star moron, she finally managed to make her escape.
    Looking at the old school, large-faced clock in the hallway, she saw that she was seven minutes late to a meeting she’d never wanted to have. Fantastic, now she’d look unprofessional.
    Taking a deep breath, she opened the chief’s door, hoping nothing else went wrong.
    “I look forward to seeing you next Monday, Ms. Douglass.” Chief Childress smiled as he stood up and walked around his desk, grabbing her hand and pumping it enthusiastically, his sharp blue eyes twinkling as she rose from her chair. A tall, solidly built man with a barrel of a chest and a thick, hearty laugh, he had a habit of running his fingers through the thinning hair atop his glossy pate. He’d also taken far more notice than she would’ve preferred of her legs, and oddly enough, her feet.
    “Me too. And I’ll make sure to send over that schedule no later than Wednesday.” Dina moved back, trying to put some space between she and the captain who was of the ‘close-talker’ variety of folk.
    “And you’re sure it won’t be a problem squeezing us into your classes? Being a celebrity and all, I’m surprised your classes aren’t completely booked up.” He looked down at her, his face so close to her own, the breath leaving his open mouth made her hair sway rhythmically around her temples. She stepped back again and he shifted slightly forward. Alright, it was time to make a quick exit.
    “They’re full now,” she said with a nervous laugh. She shifted restlessly on her feet, trying to find a way to wrap this too long conversation up. “I’m excited about this opportunity. See you on Monday.” She made a grab for the doorknob, rolling her eyes when the persistently friendly captain followed her out into the hallway, his eyes darting up and down her shapely figure, his gaze landing on her feet, then guiltily meandering their way back to her rapidly cooling eyes.
    “Ahh—Detective Nichols,” he hailed over her head. “Come over and meet the woman that’ll be whipping us into shape over the next few months.”
    She turned her head, frowning in consternation as the Man from the Bathroom ambled toward them, his dark eyes amused.
    Detective Nichols ? As in the Barney Nichols, Sam the Ghost’s fiancé? Perhaps there was more than one Detective Nichols in the police department, she thought with a sinking feeling. It was a hopeful thought, but one she couldn’t quite convince herself was true. Could she be so unlucky? The answer was: yes, of course she could. But on the bright side, while it hadn’t exactly been the way she’d planned to make her introductions, maybe recusing herself from this preposterous mission would be that much easier.
    “I do believe we’ve already met,” he drawled,

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