Men of Firehouse 44: Colby and Bianca's Story

Men of Firehouse 44: Colby and Bianca's Story by Elizabeth A. Veatch, Crystal G. Smith Read Free Book Online

Book: Men of Firehouse 44: Colby and Bianca's Story by Elizabeth A. Veatch, Crystal G. Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elizabeth A. Veatch, Crystal G. Smith
would just tell them it wasn’t meant to be.
                  Bianca watched as he carried her further up the side of the bed before sitting her on the edge, and then reaching into the night stand.  He pulled free a silver foil looking packed, tearing it with his mouth, before smiling down at her as he dropped the towel that was still around his waist.
                  She was hesitant to follow his eyes down to wear he was now sliding on the condom.  She was afraid of what she would see.  She had felt him rubbing against her and knew without a doubt that he was definitely one hundred percent a well-endowed man.  Sometimes she thought if she didn’t see the size of it, maybe it wouldn’t hurt.  Maybe it was her mind just playing tricks on her.  So, she didn’t.  Instead, she closed her eyes, trying to steady her breathing that was trying to spiral out of control again.
                  He studied her face and wondered what was going on in her mind.  Was she not into it anymore?  Had he done something that spooked her? 
                  He watched her eyes blinking, questioning why he was waiting.  But then there was something else.  He felt the tremble of her body and knew something had her frightened.
                  He reached up, smoothing the piece of hair from her eyes that had come loose from her pony tail.  Her eyes began to glimmer and she closed them.
                  “Hey.”  He spoke easily.  “What’s wrong?”  He asked as he pulled her into his chest, holding her.
                  “Nothing.”  That was when he felt her tear and heard a faint sniffle. 
                  He gently gripped her shoulders, pushing her back so that he could see her face.  This wasn’t her first time, he had known that.  His fingers had been buried deep inside of her more than once now and although she was tighter than he had ever felt before, there was no barrier so it couldn’t be that. 
         “You have to be honest with me here.  Did I do something?”
                  She shook her head, turning away from him.  His fingers gripped her chin, pulling her back to look at him.  “Don’t look away.  If you don’t want to do this we can stop.  It’s not that big of a deal.  Not that sex isn’t a big deal, I just mean I won’t be mad.”
                  She smiled, “It’s not that.”
                  “Then tell me what it is.”  He leaned forward, kissing the tip of her nose.
                  “Um… this is so embarrassing.  I have only been with two other people.  The first one I have a hard time counting.  We were both virgins so needless to say, he had no clue what he was doing and it was less than pleasurable for me.”
                  “And the second?”  He couldn’t help to be happy with her.  Knowing that she hadn’t been with many men was a turn on for him.  Not that he would have stopped if she had, it just wasn’t something that he was used to hearing.  Usually, he had one night stands from the neighboring town, and he could tell they had been around the block a few times, but still it was a means to an end for him.
                  “…  Look he tried to be good to me, patient, but there were times it still hurt like hell and I just wanted it over with.  Sometimes, he would get mad because I wouldn’t….”  She covered her face with her hand before finishing.  “Get off and it pissed him off.”
                  Okay, obviously he didn’t know what the hell he was doing either or you wouldn’t have been hurting and you would have gotten off.  Why the hell are you so embarrassed about it? 
                  “And?”  He asked, knowing there had to be more to it.
                  She moved her hand, looking shocked as tears filled

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