Mercenary's Reward

Mercenary's Reward by Stephanie Snow Read Free Book Online

Book: Mercenary's Reward by Stephanie Snow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stephanie Snow
and the blanket would not cover them both.
    Without giving it too much thought, Mieli pressed up against him and rested her head on his upper arm. That close together, she was able to pull the blanket over them both. He was so warm she could feel the heat through to her bones, and within minutes she was asleep.
    JAI WAITED UNTIL her breath had deepened into slumber before he lifted his arm from beneath her head and used it to pull her tight to him. With her head resting against his side, he could look down on her face and feel the curve of her waist under his hand. Already his body was hard and aching to feel hers again.
    Mieli. It was an unprepossessing name for such a beautiful woman. He'd watched her rise and bathe in the light of the fire. In her absorption, her face had been unguarded and troubled. When she'd parted her legs and touched the swollen pink folds at the juncture of those creamy thighs, he'd gone rock hard.
    From where he lay watching her, he could see the shine of his cum on her body. He knew that the men of her race did not have bodies like his. There were so many species in the War Tribe that differences in size and shape were common, but for her it must be very shocking.
    From the careful way she touched herself, he guessed she was sore. Her cunt had been so tight, it was a miracle he'd not torn her. After she had finished and knelt naked and glorious in the night, he'd watched her expressive little face. She looked tired and by turns both sad and determined.
    When she moved back to the pallet and settled against him, he'd felt uncomfortable with her presence at his side. But now, with her nestled in the curve of his arm, he marveled at the intimacy of the position. It both disturbed and thrilled him to be so close to her with the warm, spicy scent of her hair teasing him every so often.
    Usually after a combat-challenge, the combatants did not cuddle. They leaped apart; one to nurse their wounds and the other to exult in their victory. Of course, if any of the Tribe warriors were to act like Mieli, they would be an object of scorn. To debase oneself so, without any fight whatsoever, was without honor.
    To be fair, she was not a warrior. He knew she must be a doctor for her people. Regardless of the crude methods she'd employed, there was skill and training to it. Among his people, non-warrior class military personnel and the citizenry conducted their lives much more casually, bonding and having children. It was a worthy life, but one that those who fought rarely came into contact with.
    Even in that world, though, women were fiercely equal to men. The closest one might find to a submissive would be a well-trained bride or a mistress. Generals and assemblymen, emissaries and commanders, they would have women like this.
    Jai's free hand tightened into a fist. Young warriors like him were kept in the dark about too much. He understood the reasoning, because if everyone knew, there were be no one willing to fight for such paltry rewards.
    He vowed then that when he was back among the Tribe, he would no longer play these warrior games. It was possible to make a lot of money outside the service, but no rank could be achieved as a civilian. His plan to be a commander had demanded his climb in the military. But if money and power could buy off a commander, could induce him to sell out one of his own men, then money and power were more important than rank. And they could be had much more quickly than a commander's title.
    There was a plan forming in his mind, and Jai dispassionately considered the new course of his life. The way of a mercenary was considered undesirable, but it was the only route left to him. He was dead to the Tribe. Luckily, the bulk of the money he'd earned as an assassin had been spent on his physical enhancements and the remainder was in a civilian account. The road ahead was clear to Jai. As for Mieli— He pushed the thought away. He would handle it in the morning.
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