Mercury's War

Mercury's War by Lora Leigh Read Free Book Online

Book: Mercury's War by Lora Leigh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lora Leigh
interest but merely an attempt to amuse yourself. I know the past weeks haven’t been easy for you, trailing me around. Besides, women don’t like to have their breasts leered at. You should know that by now.”
        “Doesn’t mean I understand it,” he said and shrugged. “The fact that I find your breasts interesting shouldn’t be such an issue. You appear to have nice breasts. You should wear blouses that emphasize that rather than attempting to hide it.”
        Women were strange creatures. And he wasn’t bored at all. Being with her was anything but boring.
        “How would you like it if all I did was ogle your crotch?” she snapped. “It’s insulting.”
        “Ogle to your heart’s content.” The very thought of it had his cock twitching in pitiful hunger to be noticed.
        When her gaze dropped, her eyes widened and jerked back to his.
        “Normal reaction when a man finds a woman attractive.” He frowned at her displeasure. “Would you rather I had no reaction at all?”
        “Yes.” She slapped the folder closed. “I don’t have time for affairs here.”
        “Did I ask you for an affair?” He frowned; he knew he hadn’t. “I said I find you attractive.”
        “And you get hard for every woman you find attractive?”
        Now that question made him uncomfortable. There weren’t a lot of women he found attractive in that sense.
        “Do you get wet for every man who comes on to you?” he questioned her instead. Because she was wet. He could smell her arousal, her interest. He had been smelling it for days and it was driving him crazy. It was the first time he had smelled a woman’s lust in such a way, from clear across the room. He might look like the lion his genes were taken from, but contrary to popular belief, his senses were nowhere near as strong as other Breeds’. Still, they were stronger than a human’s, but… That scent tempted him again.
        The sweet scent of dawn rising. That elusive, subtle scent of awakening, of moist warmth and adventure. That was what she smelled of, and Mercury loved the dawn.
        Her skin was flushed a gentle pink now, and with the smell of her arousal, he could also sense her confusion.
        “I’m not wet,” she lied, shifting in her seat, most likely pressing her legs tight together.
        Mercury let a smile tug at his lips. She knew the Breeds’ sense of smell was stronger than that of a normal human, and she had no idea of his own weakness in it. She would also know that he would see the lie for what it was, an attempt to deny the attraction building between them.
        He didn’t call her on it. He kept his stance against the wall, his eyes on her, despite the fact that he wanted his hands on her.
        She gave a little sniff of disapproval before turning back to the files and pointedly ignoring him. That was fine with him; growing accustomed to a hunger of this strength took time anyway. Time and patience. He had both
        Ria was flustered. She never got flustered, or embarrassed, or as turned on by a man as she had been for the past month. But she was now. She stared down at the file that detailed the dirt bikes Vanderale had originally supplied Sanctuary with, as well as the notes and captions of the modifications Mercury Warrant had made on them.
        Modifications he had built into the specs for the new bikes they wanted. But her mind wasn’t on motorcycles, attached weapons and the cost thereof, which was astronomical. Her mind was on the man.
        Or the Breed. Mercury showed more of the physical characteristics than all the Lion Breeds she had met thus far combined.
        High cheekbones and exotic brown eyes, almost amber but not quite. There was a faint darkness around the eye and lids, as though someone had applied the smallest line of kohl. Thick, sun-kissed lashes framed the eyes and gave him an erotic appearance. His

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