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Authors: Dawn
thrust upward in a stabbing motion but not deep. His strokes were shallow.
    I was held at the edge of the cliff and needed a little roughness to get me to dive over the edge.
    "Harder," I pleaded.
    Thank God, I didn't have to ask twice. Shawn
    continued to jack me off and used his other arm to wrap around my shoulders and neck. He didn't hurt me but it did allow enough of a hold for him to thrust deeper inside of me.
    Ropes of pearly white cum shot out my body. My
    orgasm came hard and fast and caught me off guard. So many sensations had my head spinning. My body
    shuddered and I could feel my inner channel clamp down on the hard cock deep inside me.
    "Marc," Shawn grunted in my ear as he stilled. He held me down on his lap as he let go of his orgasm. I could feel him pulsing inside of me.
    I was a sated, happy mess. My breathing evened out as Shawn caressed my stomach. It was really sweet not to have a guy rush off to clean up. Sex was sweaty and messy, but I liked the closeness that followed lovemaking, and I guess Shawn did, too. Was it just with me or was he like 50

    this with everyone he took to bed?
    "What's going on in that head of yours? I can practically hear you thinking," Shawn said as he nuzzled into my neck.
    "Nothing, I was just thinking about how great that felt. I'm a little tender but it was so worth it."
    "Oh shit, I'm sorry." Shawn grabbed the base of his cock to hold the condom in place as I shifted off his lap.
    "Don't be sorry, I'm not." I lay back on the bed and watched as Shawn stepped into his bathroom. The sound of the toilet flushing was followed by running water. A few seconds later Shawn came back out with a washcloth in hand.
    "Do you mind?" Shawn motioned with his hand to my chest where my semen sat cooling.
    "Knock yourself out." I smiled up at him.
    The washcloth was warm as he wiped up my chest.
    He moved his hand lower and held the cloth to my bottom, wiping away the lube from my ass. It was sweet and intimate how he cared for me. I had never had another man do that. But in all fairness, all the men I had slept with before tonight were like me, just passing the time. I didn't want anything from them and they sure as hell hadn't wanted anything from me.
    I was alone by choice. The one man I wanted to be 51

    with had been out of my reach, but now being with Shawn was a reachable goal. I just had to succeed in getting him to fall in love with me. Because without him there was no reason to go on.
    Shawn went to put the soiled washcloth in the
    hamper and came back to the bed. He pulled the soft comforter up and curled in behind me. I snuggled in closer.
    This felt perfect. It felt right. The only way I could describe it would be to say it was like coming home. Shawn was my home.
    I was just about to fall asleep when Shawn started stroking his fingers through my hair. "Is this okay? I mean, are you okay with staying the night?"
    I tilted my chin up to look into the bluest eyes I had ever seen. "There's no other place I would rather be."
    Shawn kissed my lips and pulled me closer. It was as if he could feel the connection too, and didn't want to break the moment. Or so I hoped.

    * * * *

    A few hours later, I woke up to the smell of coffee wafting through the bedroom. I stretched my arms over my head and grimaced at the pain in my ass. A little uncomfortable but well worth the discomfort. Just a 52

    reminder of what went on the previous night.
    I closed my eyes as the memories cascaded through my mind. Shawn and I had sex and I could have sworn the Earth shifted from the sheer pleasure we brought to one another.
    "What are you smiling at?"
    I heard Shawn's husky voice from across the room.
    I sat up to see him standing in the doorway in pajama bottoms, which were riding dangerously low on his hips, and a coffee mug in each hand. What more could a guy ask for? I smiled a little

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