Middle Demons (Angels and Demons Book 2)

Middle Demons (Angels and Demons Book 2) by Randall Morris Read Free Book Online

Book: Middle Demons (Angels and Demons Book 2) by Randall Morris Read Free Book Online
Authors: Randall Morris
him Blaze.”
    Leech looked at her like she was crazy.
    “He’s a demon horse. Why do you need to call him anything other than a demon horse?”
    “Because I think the name Blaze suits him.”
    “There’s a reason almost no mythological horses have names. No one in their right mind actually cares what horses are named.”
    Lilith looked at Leech like he had piqued her interest.
    “Some of them do?”
    “Yeah a few. What does it matter?”
    Lilith dismounted and walked up to Leech. She placed both of her hands on his shoulders and stared at him intently.
    “Tell me their names.”
    “Um… I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be terrified or turned on right now.”
    “You can be both. Which way it starts to go will depend on whether you answer my request or not.”
    “Alright, Lily. I would tell you that this is really weird but I stopped trying to figure out what’s normal for you a long time ago. Let’s just go with it. Only two come to mind. The first one is Pegasus…”
    “Ew. No. I’m not going to name my horse after a flying pony that belonged to Hercules. Next.”
    “I thought you wanted to call him Blaze?”
    “I changed my mind. Next.”
    “Well the only other mythological horse that comes to mind is the demon horse, Keshi.”
    Lilith’s eyes glowed with interest.
    “Keshi the demon horse. I like it. Tell me the story.”
    “Lily, we have a war to go fight… that we should be fighting right now . You want me to tell you the story of a demon horse instead so you can decide whether to name your horse after it?”
    “Yes. That pretty much sums up our current situation.”
    Leech sighed. Lilith leaned in and kissed him and then pulled his head back from her lips.
    “I’m not riding into battle with a nameless horse. You have to do what I say now. I’m your girlfriend.”
    “You better not pull this kind of shit on a regular basis. I’ll give you a quick paraphrased version and then we have to go. The story comes from Hindu mythology. Kamsa, the evil king of Mathura and the uncle of the god Krishna sent demon after demon at his nephew in an attempt to kill him. It had been foretold that Krishna would one day slay his uncle. Every demon sent by his uncle was put down by Krishna. One of the demons Kamsa sent was the horse demon, Keshi. Keshi was said to run at the speed of thought, trample the earth with his hooves, and scatter the clouds with his mane. The demon horse terrified the people and Krishna challenged him to a duel. Krishna punches Keshi’s teeth out and then expands his arm down the demon horse’s throat. Keshi eventually chokes to death on Krishna’s arm.”
    “That story was beautiful!”
    “Well I’m glad my hours of reading were good for something other than saving Shadow from mythological creatures in the labyrinth.”
    “It’s decided then. I will call my horse Keshi the demon horse. Now what should we name your horse…”
    Leech didn’t respond. He just got on his horse, kicked it, and rode off to gather his army. Lilith laughed and then whispered in Keshi’s ear. He started galloping off in the direction Leech’s horse had gone.
    Leech rode to the front of his army and saw Gangrene waiting for him.
    “That was a pretty long conversation. Is a little Leech going to arrive nine months from now?”
    Gangrene winked. Leech tried to determine if he should be offended at what could almost be considered a disrespectful comment but he figured Gangrene was just trying to joke around.
    “It wasn’t that kind of conversation. With Lily it’s more like twenty minutes of crazy earns you a kiss.”
    Gangrene laughed.
    “You’re a better demon that I am, Lord Leech. Having her sister in my camp for as long as I did was a complete disaster. My men couldn’t focus and she caused all sorts of craziness. She’s kind of cute though…”
    “Yup. Just don’t tell her I said anything. She’s pretty nuts and I don’t have time for any of that kind of

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