Million-Dollar Horse

Million-Dollar Horse by Bonnie Bryant Read Free Book Online

Book: Million-Dollar Horse by Bonnie Bryant Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bonnie Bryant
    “It wouldn’t be good for her,” said Carole, automatically taking the horse’s side.
    “Who’s the better judge of that?” Paul asked, sounding almost angry. He calmed down right away, though. “I’m sure you girls know what you’re doing, but I do want to be sure the horse gets the kind of care Aunt Emma would have demanded for her, and I’m sure Aunt Emma used to give her grain twice a day. It’s not a good idea to change her schedule abruptly, is it?”
    “No, it isn’t,” Carole agreed.
    “And you wouldn’t want to do anything that was bad for good old Honey-Pie, now, would you?”
    “No, we wouldn’t,” Carole agreed.
    “You know what I think?” Paul asked. The girls asked him what, although they were beginning to suspect that they didn’t care what he thought.
    “Well, I think the people who take the very best care of Honey-Pie at Pine Hollow deserve some sort of treat.”
    “Treats are good,” Stevie agreed, wondering what he was leading up to. She didn’t have long to wait.
    “How would you three—I mean, if you take good care of Honey-Pie and she does as well here as I know she will when you do what I tell you—like to come for a ride on my yacht? We could spend a whole day at sea.”
    “Like, take a picnic?” Lisa asked.
    “No need to bring anything at all,” Paul said. “I’d have my cook prepare something delicious for us. Whatever you want, really.”
    “Um, Mr. Fredericks …,” Carole began.
    “Please call me Paul.”
    “Right, um, Paul,” she continued. “We’re going to look after Honey-Pie because it’s the right thing to do. You don’t have to pay us or anything.”
    “It’s not payment,” Paul said. “It’s just a way of saying thank you.”
    “Well, please wait until you have something to thank us for,” Lisa told him.
    “I’m sure it won’t be long before that happens,” said Paul. All three girls were a little surprised by the apparent smugness in his voice. “And I know it’s what my aunt Emma would have wanted me to do for you.”
    “Thanks, Paul,” said Stevie. “That’s something to look forward to.”
    “Oh, look, here comes Max,” said Carole, spottinghim on the way out of his office. “I’m sure you want to talk with him, right?”
    Paul glanced at his watch. “No, I don’t really have time to see him now. I’ll talk to him later. Besides, it was you three I really wanted to see. Thanks for the great jumping demonstration and, most especially, for looking after sweet old Honey-Pie.”
    “You’re welcome on both counts,” Stevie said.
    “Well, ahoy, mateys!” he declared, waving as he slipped out the back door, through the schooling ring, and back to his car.
    The girls exchanged glances.
    “Was that weird or what?” Stevie asked.
    “Definitely,” Lisa agreed.
    “And I don’t care what he says. If Aunt Emma—whoever she is—er, was—loved Honey-Pie, she’d know that a retired horse shouldn’t get two rations of grain a day.”
    “And anyone who tries to make me overfeed this sweet mare is going to have to walk the plank!” Carole pronounced.
    “A day on his yacht!” Stevie said. “Do you believe it?”
    “It might be fun—” Lisa said.
    “Except for one thing,” said Stevie.
    “Right. He’d be there, good old Mr. Call-me-Paul.”

“C AROLE , YOU WERE letting Starlight get away with murder in class today,” Max Regnery said at the end of the flat class that followed their Pony Club meeting the next Saturday.
    Carole cringed, but she wasn’t the only one getting criticism. “Lisa, you must remember your basic aids,” Max went on. “If you don’t master the basics, you’ll never accomplish any worthwhile goals.” Lisa flushed with embarrassment at the sharpness of his words.
” Max didn’t even continue. His irritation with Stevie was so apparent that there wasn’t any need for him to say more. He turned and left the three girls holding their horses while he went

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