Mob Boss Milkmaid

Mob Boss Milkmaid by Landry Michaels Read Free Book Online

Book: Mob Boss Milkmaid by Landry Michaels Read Free Book Online
Authors: Landry Michaels
Tags: Erotic Romance
feeling awkward. I prayed Gloria didn’t take offense to the move.
    The second Lucca took my hand his expression softened. “Much better,” he replied before leaning back to accept the bowl of soup the server placed in front of him. “I’ve instructed the staff to serve the courses as I finish them without a lag between them.”
    After speaking quietly to Gloria, Marco placed his hand on my thigh once again. “Yes, we’re both anxious to get this dinner over with and retire to Lucca’s private quarters upstairs.”
    I licked my lips. “Me, too.” Although the resemblance between the brothers was uncanny, Lucca’s body was more muscular if a few inches shorter than Marco’s. I couldn’t help but wonder what Lucca would look like nude. The thought sent a wave a pleasure through me, prompting my thighs to squeeze together to relieve the sudden ache in my pussy.
    Marco chuckled and moved his hand higher between the split in my dress. “I think your body likes that idea as well.”
    “Very much,” I confessed.
    I thanked the server when he set a bowl of what appeared to be clam chowder in front of me.
    “I want to know about Annie. Marco often tells me how much he enjoys having the two of you in his house. I’d like to meet her.” Lucca squeezed my hand before releasing it to start on his dinner.
    Just knowing how much Marco enjoyed Annie and me living with him, put me at ease. “Well, Annie will turn one in a few weeks.” I cast a glance at Marco. “Thanks to Marco, she’s now perfectly content with baby food and bottled milk.”
    Lucca quirked an eyebrow at his brother. “Something tells me you had an ulterior motive.”
    Vince stepped up to the table and whispered something in Marco’s ear. My handsome mob boss went completely still before morphing into a man I barely recognized.
    “What?” I asked.
    Marco got to his feet and held out his hand to me. “We need to speak in private.” He gestured for Lucca to join us.
    Pulling me by the hand, Marco stormed through the house toward the front door.
    “What’s wrong?” I begged.
    “Wait,” Marco ground out between clenched teeth.
    When I tried to stop walking until I got an answer, Marco simply lifted me into his arms and continued through the open front door to the waiting limo. “Marco! Talk to me!” I wasn’t sure if I’d done something to anger him or if he’d been alerted to danger at the mansion.
    Marco slid into the car with me still in his arms. Once Lucca was beside us and Vince had shut the door, Marco finally spoke. “Tony went by the house and begged Maria to let him see Annie.”
    My entire body began to shake at the announcement because I knew there was only one reason Tony would want to see our daughter.
    Lucca scooted closer. “Your men should’ve never allowed him to speak to Maria in the first place,” he growled.
    Marco didn’t take his eyes off me as he continued. “He convinced the guards that he merely wanted to check on his daughter. Most of the men are fathers, so they understood.” He pressed his lips to my forehead. “They will be severely punished for their mistake.”
    “I don’t care about them!” I cried, hitting Marco’s chest with my fist. “What about Annie?”
    Marco’s arms tightened around me. “Tony hit Maria over the head with something and tried to escape with Annie, but Lucky stopped him before he could leave the house.”
    I gasped in relief. “So Annie’s okay? I need to see her!” I screamed, trying to pull out of Marco’s embrace. I was angry at everyone involved and only wanted to hold my sweet girl in my arms.
    “Annie fell to the floor in the struggle. She suffered a bump on the head. The doctor’s already been called.”
    “This is what I was afraid of, but you told me we’d be safe with you!” I accused, lashing out.
    “Shhh,” Lucca soothed, drying my tears. “Nothing like this will ever happen again. We promise you that.”
    I shook my head. “If it was just me, I

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