Model Crime 1

Model Crime 1 by Carolyn Keene Read Free Book Online

Book: Model Crime 1 by Carolyn Keene Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carolyn Keene
looked really upset.
    I was about to suggest we step outside or something, just so she could get away from the sight of her fiancé slow-dancing with Pandora. But Candy beat me to it, putting a protective arm around Sydney’s slim shoulders.
    “I could use some fresh air,” she said. “Come on, let’s go outside for a bit, okay?”
    Sydney sniffed again, merely shrugging in response. But she went along as Candy steered her firmly toward the nearest exit. Deb stared after them, shifting her weight from one foot to the other as if uncertain whether to follow.
    It was tempting to follow them myself. But I figured Sydney wasn’t in the mood for my interrogation just then, so instead I turned to see what was happening out on the dance floor.
    I was just in time to see a couple of Mrs. Fayne’s waiters wheeling out a cart with a huge crystal bowl on it. “What’s going on?” Bess asked.
    George squinted toward the bowl, which was filled with vibrant purple liquid. “Oh, I remember Mom talking about this,” she said. “The producers requested it—it’s a punch bowl filled with PowerUp.”
    “You mean the sports drink?” I asked.
    George nodded. “It’s one of the main sponsors of the show. Mom had to buy up every case of the stuff in River Heights to make sure she had enough to fill up that stupid punch bowl. She sent a couple of people over early with it—figured they’d have to spend, like, an hour opening and pouring to make sure it was ready for the big moment.”
    The song ended and the DJ came on again, reciting what sounded like a mini-commercial for PowerUp before inviting everyone out onto the floor for a drink of the stuff. “We’ll start with the happy groom and his buddies from the world’s most powered-up show, Daredevils !” he finished.
    Vic, Bo, Pandora, and Dragon all whooped and pumped their fists. Then Vic hurried over to grab the first cup of PowerUp from the catering employee who was scooping it out.
    “Hang on, Vic,” the DJ said. “I know it looks delicious, but don’t drink it yet, buddy. We want to let your wedding party give a toast to your happy day. So let’s get everyone powered up first.”
    Madge joined the employee, busily passing out cups to Pandora, Bo, and Dragon. Akinyi had just wandered over, but when Madge tried to shove a cup into her hand, she waved her off.
    “None for me, thanks,” she said. “Too many calories.”
    “Anyone else?” Madge called out, holding up the cup. “We want the whole wedding party up here for the toast!”
    “Let’s not and say we did,” George muttered to Bess and me. “I’ve had grape PowerUp before. I tried it when they first started advertising it on Daredevils , actually. Trust me, the stuff is vile. Even my brothers wouldn’t touch it after the first sip, and they’ll eat or drink just about anything.”
    Meanwhile Deb pushed her way to the front of the crowd, giggling. “I’m in the wedding party,” she said. “But no PowerUp for me. I’m allergic to caffeine.”
    Madge just shrugged and set the cup back on the table. “Where’s Hans?” she said, glancing around.
    She spotted the director at the same time I did. He was standing a short distance away with Josh. It looked as if the would-be screenwriter was still bending his ear about his ideas.
    Madge shrugged and clapped her hands. “Let’s proceed, people!” she called out. “Vic—a toast, if you please?” Then she backed off out of camera range.
    Vic cleared his throat and stepped to the center of the floor, holding his cup aloft. “First of all, where’s my blushing bride?” he called out. “She should be up here with me!”
    “She went outside for a while,” George called.
    Vic looked disappointed, lowering his cup. “Should we wait for her?” he called to the assistant director.
    “Just go!” Madge called back. “We can stick her in during postproduction.”
    Yeah. So much for reality, I thought again.
    Vic shrugged and lifted the cup back

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