Mountain Top Mystery

Mountain Top Mystery by Gertrude Warner Read Free Book Online

Book: Mountain Top Mystery by Gertrude Warner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gertrude Warner
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anything about this strange Indian boy,” said Henry.
    Lovan said slowly, “If he is from my family, his grandmother’s name would be Susan.”
    “That’s something to go on,” said Henry.
    “Come on, everyone,” said Mr. Alden. “Violet wants to go.”
    “I don’t want to go,” said Violet, smiling, “I just want to put the flowers in water.”
    As the Aldens left Lovan’s cottage they felt a cool wind. Clouds were beginning to sweep across the sky. The day that had been so sunny was suddenly very dark. A storm was brewing.
    Mr. Alden said, “We will go to the motel first and then go and talk to the rangers.”
    “I’ll stay at the motel,” said Violet. “I’ll put the flowers in water before supper. There must be some vases someplace.”
    Everyone knew that Violet was perfectly happy arranging flowers. The rest of the family went back to the store. There was only one man there. He was not a ranger.
    “Where is everybody?” asked Mr. Alden.
    “They’ve all gone off in their jeeps to find an Indian boy. I’m keeping the store.”
    Grandfather nodded. “They don’t waste much time, I see. The rainstorm will soon be here. I only wish we could have gone with them.”
    “Listen!” said Jessie. “Dr. Osgood’s storm!”
    The rain blew a few small spatters in at the open door. Then it came down like a sheet of water. It simply poured.
    “Too bad the rangers started out,” said Benny. “They’ll get soaking wet.”
    The man said, “They knew it was going to rain. They all wore raincoats. I think they thought the Indian boy would be easier to find in the rain.”
    “How?” asked Benny.
    The man shrugged. “I don’t know. They know more about finding people than I do. They do it all the time.”
    Then in the pouring rain Dr. Osgood and his workman came in the door.
    “Oh, everything is happening at once!” cried Benny. “Here come the jeeps!”
    Dr. Osgood came in at exactly the same time as a ranger jumped down from a jeep. Then another ranger jumped out. Then another person jumped down. He had no raincoat and no hat. Water streamed down over his face. He kept his eyes down.

    David Explains
    W hen the rangers led the Indian boy into the store, Jessie was near the door. Quickly she put her hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Don’t be afraid,” she said. “We want to help you.”
    The boy did not look up, but he pushed back his wet hair.
    A ranger said, “This boy belongs in Maine. When he heard about Flat Top on a radio program he begged rides and got here in no time. He’s interested in the cave, but so far I don’t know why.”
    They all sat down. The boy was on a wooden chair. His clothes dripped on the floor.
    The chief ranger took off his raincoat and sat down at a desk. He said to the boy, “This is a very small village, son. We always notice any strangers. We want to know why you came here, what you expect to find, and also why you ran away. You will save time if you tell the exact truth. If you tell a lie, we will find it out. First, what is your name?”
    The boy waited a minute. “David Walker,” he said.
    “That’s not an Indian name,” said the ranger.
    “No, my Indian name is David Walking-by-Night.”
    “A nice name,” whispered Jessie to Henry. “But Lovan’s last name is Dixon.”
    The ranger went on, “Why were you interested in Flat Top?”
    David Walking-by-Night drew a long breath. He seemed very tired, but he seemed to be telling the truth.
    “I was born in Maine,” he said. “But I don’t belong in Maine. My mother came from another tribe down here. She told me stories about Flat Top.”
    “What stories?” shouted Benny.
    David looked at Benny. He did not smile. He said, “The stories may not be true. But one story is about some treasure that belongs to my tribe. I thought I might get it sometime.”

    The ranger said, “That treasure would belong to your mother’s people first, wouldn’t it?”
    “Yes, but they are all dead long

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