Move (Club Kitten Dancers Book 1)

Move (Club Kitten Dancers Book 1) by Sophie Stern Read Free Book Online

Book: Move (Club Kitten Dancers Book 1) by Sophie Stern Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sophie Stern
day without her.
    I want all of her.
    Bailey is young. We both are. It’s probably stupid to want to get married so young or to think I could be lucky enough to have found “the one,” but that knowledge doesn’t change the way I feel. I love being around her.
    I love touching her.
    Holding her.
    Bailey kisses me and all my pain disappears. She touches me and everything else vanishes but her.
    She’s all I see, all I want, and with my upcoming deployment, all I can never have. It wouldn’t be fair to ask a girl like her to wait around for me. It wouldn’t be fair or right, so I hold her with the knowledge that soon, I’ll have to say goodbye.
    Soon I’ll have to accept that she’ll move on.
    Soon I’ll have to know she’ll find someone else.
    But for now, for right now, she’s in my arms, so I hold her and whisper and tell her how beautiful she is.
    After a few minutes, she starts lazily tracing her finger down my chest.
    “I should, uh, return the favor,” she says quietly, running her hand lower. My dick has never been harder, but it’s not the right time. Not just yet.
    I stop her, holding her wrist, and bring it back up to my chest.
    “It’s okay,” I whisper. “Tonight I just want to hold you.”
    She rests her head on my chest.
    “Are you sure? I don’t mind. I’m good at it, you know.”
    “I know.”
    I stroke her hair for a minute, then Bailey starts talking again.
    “That was really fun.”
    “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I had a good time, too. You’re sexy as hell, Bailey.”
    “It’s true.”
    “You always flatter me.”
    “You deserve to be flattered.”
    “Yeah, well, you’re the only one who thinks that.”
    “Dominic was an asshole.”
    She laughs, but it’s a dry, humorless laugh.
    “You don’t have to tell me.”
    “I want you to know not all guys are like that. Some guys are better than that, Bailey. Some guys see your worth.”
    She cocks her head, as if it’s the strangest thing she’s ever heard, and then she kisses me softly.
    “I should go. It’s late.”
    “You could stay.”
    “You’ll get written up.”
    I shrug. There are worse things in life. I don’t really care if I get in trouble for having Bailey sleep over.
    “Let them write me up. Stay.”
    “If you really want me to.”
    “I want you to.”
    “I might get horny in the middle of the night.”
    “I know just how to make you feel better.”
    She laughs loud, then. She laughs bright and my soul feels complete with her in my arms, then Bailey and I settle in for the night and I wish for the millionth time that I didn’t have to leave.

Chapter 8
    “My mother wants us to have dinner with her and my professor.”
    “And your mother?”
    “Why?” Cooper spits out the word like it’s on fire in his mouth, like he can’t quite believe I would invite him to a family function.
    “Why am I inviting you or why does she want us to have dinner?”
    “Both.” He raises an eyebrow and I roll my eyes. Men. Still, at least he isn’t being weird about it the way Dominic would. Dominic was obsessed with my mother. She doesn’t know why we broke up and I doubt I’ll ever tell her. It’s too stupid and embarrassing.
    “Because you’re my…I mean, I thought we were…” My voice trails off as I realize we’ve never actually defined our relationship. There’s never been a moment when we were like, “Hey, we’re dating!” We haven’t changed our social media relationship settings or anything like that.
    We’ve just…been together.
    And I like it.
    I like that with Cooper, there’s no pressure to be anything or define anything. We can just be us.
    “Yes?” He takes a step forward. We’re in the middle of my kitchen making pasta. Kasey is off in her room doing whatever it is she does in there, so we’re basically alone.
    “I care about you,” I finally blurt out.
    “Oh, Bailey.” He reaches out and strokes my cheek.

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