Mr. Hollywood (Celebrity #1)

Mr. Hollywood (Celebrity #1) by Lacey Weatherford Read Free Book Online

Book: Mr. Hollywood (Celebrity #1) by Lacey Weatherford Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lacey Weatherford
    “ We
think of you as family, too, Z. We want what ’ s
best for you. I hope you know that. ” I knew without a doubt that
she was sincere. We might not always get along or see eye to eye, but she was
always there for me when I needed her.
    A twinge of regret raced through me, and I leaned over
and hugged her. “ Thanks for caring. ”
    “ I ’ ve always cared about you. This isn ’ t going to change anything. ” She gripped me tightly to her. “ You ’ re
trembling. Let ’ s get you inside so they can get
you squared away. ”
    Pulling back, I took a deep breath and nodded. It was
time to face the music. Stepping from the vehicle, I was immediately greeted by
a man in a suit.
    “ Welcome
to Sunnybrook Haven. I ’ m Doctor Bentley. I ’ ll be your personal physician
during your stay with us. ” I was surprised that the
doctor came to greet me personally on arrival. I had to admit, it was a nice
touch — even if it was only happening
because I was a big celebrity.
    Extending his hand, he smiled warmly, and I shook it
with what I hoped was a firm solid grip. I didn ’ t
want everyone to notice how bad my tremors were. “ Nice
to meet you. I ’ m Zane McCartney. ” I figured this was a good time to
use my real name, not my celebrity persona. “ This
is my personal assistant, Penelope Dantes, ” I introduced as she exited
the vehicle behind me.
    “ Yes,
of course. We spoke on the phone. Nice to meet you. ”
    As the two of them greeted each other, I briefly
glanced around at some of the staff waiting on the steps, not seeing the face I
was looking for.
    Dr. Bentley noticed my interest and immediately moved
to introduce the others. “ These are some of the people who
will personally be helping with your care. Of course, this is only the night
shift. You ’ ll meet the day shift crew
tomorrow. ”
    Aubrey must work days. Relief flooded through me. I
was shaking so damn bad right now I ’ d be embarrassed for her to see me
like this. “ Sounds good, ” I said, nodding.
    “ Come
on. Let ’ s get you inside and see if we can ’ t help you get fixed up for
tonight. ” He gestured for me to follow
and I did, not paying any attention to who was going to take care of my
luggage. Someone would get it. Someone always did.

    “Z McCartney
Pleads “No Contest” to Indecent Exposure Charges!”
    ~ The
Inquisitor ~

    Chapter Three
    “ Ow!
Dammit! ” Tears welled in my eyes as I popped
my thumb in my mouth, sucking on it briefly before removing and examining it.
There was a nasty blood blister forming and the pressure under the nail was
    Glancing at my watch, I realized I was going to be
late for the morning staff meeting, but the pain was so bad I couldn ’ t help my tears.
    “ Aubrey?
Are you okay? ” Doctor Wilson ’ s voice interrupted my painful
musings and I glanced over to where the older gentleman was crossing the
employee parking lot, concern written on his features.
    “ I ’ ll be fine, ” I managed to mutter through gritted
teeth. “ I smashed my thumb in the car door. ” The throbbing was reaching
excruciating levels now.
    “ Let
me check it, ” he said, coming and taking my
hand without hesitation, and even that simple gesture made the pain increase. “ Oh, that doesn ’ t look good at all. Why don ’ t you come to my office with me and
we will see about removing the pressure for you. ”
    “ I ’ ll be fine, ” I lied, squaring my shoulders and
attempting to suck it up. “ I ’ m
already running late. Traffic on the 405 was hell this morning, and I need to
get to the morning staff meeting. ” Shifting my bag higher onto
my shoulder, I moved toward the sidewalk that led to the employee entrance at
Sunnybrook Haven.
    “ I ’ ll vouch for you. I ’ m late because I was stuck on the
405 as well. Please let me help your finger. You ’ ll
feel much better if we can relieve the pressure for you. I ’ m sure we can both get a quick
briefing from

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