Murder at Jade Cove (Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Book 2)

Murder at Jade Cove (Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Book 2) by Dianne Harman Read Free Book Online

Book: Murder at Jade Cove (Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Book 2) by Dianne Harman Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dianne Harman
his property because
of the spotted owls. She said it was a good thing he was dead, that maybe now
the owls in that area could be saved. Now that I think about it, she’s probably
someone who might have had a reason to kill him.”
    There was a knock on the
storeroom door. “Come in,” Kelly said.
    “Kelly, I don’t know where
they’re comin’ from, but I need you up front. There are more people here than I
can handle.”
    “Be there in a sec,
Roxie,” Kelly said as Roxie closed the door.
    “Doc, thanks for telling
me. On second thought, I’d stay away from her if I were you. Her husband’s been
drinking excessively for as long as I can remember, and even if he stopped, it
probably wouldn’t keep her from traveling and speaking out about the
environment. She’s really fanatical about it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her
talk about anything else. I’ll see what else I can find out about her because
based on what you just told me, she very well might be a suspect in the Jeff
Black murder.”
    “Kelly, let me give you
some advice. You’d be better off telling Mike and letting him see what he can
find out. Remember, this is his case.”
    “You’re right, Doc. I’ll
tell Mike and I promise you I’ll stay out of it,” she said, crossing her
fingers and wondering if this was something she was going to have to explain to
St. Peter when she got to the Pearly Gates or if she could get a pass if she
confessed her habit of telling "white lies” to Father Brown the next time
she went to church.

    Kelly locked the coffee shop door and
stood for a moment, looking out at the bay.
    It’s so tranquil it’s hard
to believe that two murders have occurred in this little town in a matter of
months. I guess it’s like everything else. No matter how calm and serene it
seems on the surface, there’s always something going on underneath it, just
like the bay. Doesn’t look like anything much even lives in the bay, but dive
down and it’s full of fish, abalone, crabs, kelp, and every other form of
aquatic life.
    She and Rebel got in her
minivan and pulled out of the parking lot. I know I promised Mike I wouldn’t
get involved in the Jeff Black murder case, but this isn’t really getting
involved. I just want to talk to Bonnie about the spotted owls. She heard a
voice in the back of her head saying, “ Sure you do.” She ignored it.
    She parked her minivan in
front of the Davis’ house. “Stay, boy. I won’t be long,” she said to Rebel who
promptly stood up in the passenger seat, insuring that no one would be entering
the minivan until Kelly returned.
    Even though it was
November, someone in the Davis household had carefully tended the plants in the
numerous pots leading up to the front porch. Vivid green ivy grew across the
front of the freshly painted white house. Crisp green and white checkered
curtains were pulled back in the front windows which looked out at the bay. It
was a very warm and inviting home. Kelly knocked on the front door and admired
the colorful wreath of fall leaves which surrounded the peephole.
    In a moment the door was
opened by Jack Davis. “Can I help you?” he asked.
    “Jack, it’s Kelly Conner.
Remember me? You’ve come to my coffee shop several times, but I haven’t seen
you there recently. I stopped by to see if Bonnie was available. I want to ask
her some questions about the spotted owls and I understand she’s an expert on
the subject.
    “Sorry, Kelly, I didn’t
recognize you. Please, come in. She’s an expert on the spotted owls, all right.
I’ll get her.”
    He returned a few minutes
later followed by a grey-haired woman who wore Birkenstock sandals, a long
flowing skirt, and a heavy knit sweater. Her hair was pulled into a
conservative bun at the nape of her neck. She wore no make-up, not even
lipstick. Looking at her, Kelly was reminded of the hippies who had come through
Cedar Bay on their way to San Francisco in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

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