Muttley by Ellen Miles Read Free Book Online

Book: Muttley by Ellen Miles Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ellen Miles
checked his watch. “Eleven-thirty?” he asked. “We’d better get a move on if we want to get the guest of honor there on time.” He got up and started to clear the table.
    Muttley snoozed on the floor near Mom’s chair. She reached down to ruffle his floppy ears. “What a good puppy,” she said. “What a hero.”
    Muttley licked her hand sleepily.
    Me? A hero? Well, if you say so.
    “So you’re not mad that we haven’t found him a home yet?” Lizzie asked.
    “Are you kidding?” Mom said. “He saved yourlives. I love this puppy. This puppy deserves a medal!”
    “I bet Muttley will have a forever home by the end of the day,” said Dad. “When people hear about what he did, they’ll be lining up to adopt him.”
    Lizzie hoped that Jimmy’s mom would be first in line. “And some of the other dogs at Caring Paws might find forever homes, too” — Lizzie held up her crossed fingers — “once some of that publicity starts to work.”
    Everybody bustled around, getting ready to go. At the last minute, the phone rang. Dad picked it up. “Hello?” he said. A moment later, he waved to Mom. “You go ahead,” he said. “I’ll follow you in the other car.” Then he went back to the phone call.
    When the rest of the Petersons and Muttley arrived at the town hall, a small crowd had already begun to gather. Ms. Dobbins was there, handing out flyers about some of the other dogs available for adoption at Caring Paws. Lizzie waved at her.Then she spotted Jimmy. His mom stood behind him, hands on his shoulders. Lizzie ran over to say hello.
    “I made something for Muttley,” Jimmy said. He dug in his jacket pocket and pulled out a medal on a wide red ribbon. It was made out of cardboard covered with tinfoil. “HERO,” it said in big letters across the front.
    “Wow,” Lizzie said. “My mom just said that Muttley deserves a medal, but I never thought of making one. That’s cool.”
    Jimmy knelt down to put the medal around Muttley’s neck. Then he gave Muttley a long hug and a kiss on the nose. Lizzie felt a lump in her throat as she watched Jimmy whisper into Muttley’s ear. Muttley’s tail swished back and forth as he licked Jimmy’s cheek. How could Jimmy’s mom resist when she saw how much Jimmy and Muttley loved each other? Maybe by the time the ceremony was over, she would decide to adopt Muttley.
    “Hey, Lizzie,” someone said, and Lizzie turned to see Daphne and Brianna. “That was a pretty cool article in the paper,” said Daphne.
    Lizzie could tell it wasn’t easy for Daphne to give compliments. “Thanks,” she said. Now maybe it was time to for her to give Daphne a compliment. After all, even if she was a pain, she had been really good with the animals at Caring Paws. Daphne was a mix, too. “Who knows?” Lizzie said. “If we didn’t have Muttley, maybe our house would have burned down. And it was your idea that we should foster him. So I guess we owe you a big thank-you.”
    Daphne smiled. “By the way, I might be able to come to Caring Paws this week,” she said.
    “Me, too,” said Brianna. “Do you think Ms. Dobbins will still need us?”
    “Definitely,” said Lizzie. “I know she’d be really happy to have you back.”
    Daphne and Brianna knelt to give Muttleysome hugs, and Lizzie and Jimmy smiled at each other.
    Then Chief Olson walked to the microphone at the top of the steps and waved at the crowd for attention. “Welcome, everybody,” he said. “Thank you for coming down to honor a hometown hero.” He held up a certificate. “I’d like to present this award to Muttley, a brave and caring temporary member of the Peterson family.” Chief Olson told the story of how Muttley had smelled smoke and woken everyone up before things could get serious. Then he beckoned to Lizzie. “Lizzie, would you bring Muttley on up?”
    Lizzie looked down at Muttley, who was draped over one of her sneakers, settled in for a short nap. “Psst, Muttley,” she said. “Wake up!

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