My Calling

My Calling by Lyssa Layne Read Free Book Online

Book: My Calling by Lyssa Layne Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lyssa Layne
are a pretty safe choice for a chick.”
    I sneer at his comment. “Safe choice? There’s meaning behind the roses!”
    Beck lifts an eyebrow, stirring the butterflies awake in my stomach. “Yeah? Explain.”
    I hop up on the counter and hold my arm out. Dragging my finger from rose to rose, I disclose the meaning behind the artwork on my arm. “There’s four roses, two yellow, one pink, and one black. Two for my parents, one for me, and one for my uncle.” I flip my arm over so he can see the hidden black rose on my inner bicep. “It’s to remind me that I wouldn’t be here without my parents, no matter how horrible they both are, and underneath my uncle’s rose it says, ‘Sail, Saylor,’ because my uncle used to say that to me all the time.”
    By the time I finish talking, my cheeks are burning because I revealed way too much in that simple explanation. I’m staring at the ground, hoping Beck will disappear, but his thick finger swirls over mine on the ink. His voice is husky and way too close to my ear. My tongue rolls over my lips, only embarrassing me more.
    “Sail, Saylor,” he whispers, reminding me of my uncle because I’m having deja vu, like I’ve heard these words from Beck before.
    I shake my head, trying to clear my thoughts. My hand moves to his colorful arm, sending my pulse into overdrive but I manage to squeak out “What about yours?” without sounding like I’m in too much distress.
    Beck leans back against the counter on the opposite side of the kitchen. He crosses his arms, his muscles rippling as he does. Beck doesn’t touch his tattoo like I did mine. He looks at it then up at me.
    “Just a collection of things I like,” he says with a shrug.
    I slide off the counter, closing the space between us and standing directly in front of him. Gingerly, I take my index finger, drawing a line from each piece of art to the next. “The Buick GSX, good choice. What’s this? A pocket watch and a compass? What do those mean?” I look up and our eyes meet.
    Beck drops his arms to his side and shakes his head. “You know, all those bullshit meanings behind them… a compass not to get lost, a pocket watch to remind me not to let time slip away. Look, I was young and stupid, no idea what I really wanted so it’s just a hodge podge of shit, really, nothing deeper than that.”
    Beck steps around me, heading to the door. I pivot quickly and follow him but he already has the door open. Not sure exactly what I did or said, I grasp for anything to get his attention. “See ‘ya at work!” I call after him before the door closes.
    The slamming as the door clicks shut makes me jump. I sigh, entirely confused by the last twelve hours and this mystery co-worker of mine that is having way too much effect on my panties then he should. I glance at the clock, there’s still plenty of time for me to get in some quality time with Buzz Light Cheer, my favorite silver friend.

    My long, blonde curls bounce over my shoulders as I skip into work. The time with Buzz definitely fixed the hangover I was suffering from and it’s like I’m a whole new woman now. Who knew a man who I know virtually nothing about could make me so horny? Then again, when am I not and it has been awhile since I’ve gotten any action from the real deal. I sigh, counting back in my head how many months it’s been.
    Adjusting my backpack on my shoulder, I pull open the heavy glass door to the headquarters and waltz inside. The aromatic coffee in my hand warms my skin and I hope Beck will accept it as a peace offering for the awful cup I gave him this morning. And, well, it might also be an excuse to talk to him, too.
    I wiggle my fingers and wave at the ladies in the office as I make my way to the locker room. The grin on my lips is ridiculous but I’m still running on a high from my little silver friend and the anticipation of seeing Beck again. I swing open the door to the

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