My Cup Runs Over: The Ultimate and Final Deception

My Cup Runs Over: The Ultimate and Final Deception by Will Brown Read Free Book Online

Book: My Cup Runs Over: The Ultimate and Final Deception by Will Brown Read Free Book Online
Authors: Will Brown
have a lot of catching up to do when you get together.” 
    “Cool” he responded. That’s my nigga right there and I owe him. I can’t wait.”
    After talking to Shaun, T-Bird forgot about being upset with Darnell and was ready to get on with the tour. There was nothing more that JJ wanted to hear other than Shaun calling her; he believed in Shaun and wanted them back together permanently. It would be no greater satisfaction than having the privilege of seeing Darnell out of the picture. 
    As Andre and T-Bird got on the plane, Trey, Q and JJ stood out front to have one last talk. “Well I guess this is it,” Trey said. 
    “Yes it is... finally,” JJ continued. "At least the weather is good, even though it’s still hot as hell.” 
    “Yeah you’re right” Q said. 
    “So are you flying there and coming right back?” Trey asked. 
    “Oh for sure. I have too much business to take care of. I would like to stay, but I’ll catch her show when she gets back here or in the city. I’ve got to make preparation for the charter flights I have going to Mexico next week.” 
    “Man! Business is really taking off for you. I’m proud of you,” JJ said. And let’s not forget about the foundation, thanks to T-Bird. There is no better feeling than this. Having power, money, success, and the ability to help so many others make their dreams come true.”
    “I still can’t believe it myself sometimes ” Q said.  “And we couldn’t have done any of it without your help JJ. You are the real deal. You are the glue to us all..." He paused there for a moment so his words could sink in.
    "...Well I better get going, if I want to get back here this evening. I’ll see you guys when I get return.” 
    While on the plane as it began to take off on the runway, T-Bird put on her headsets to listen to jazz music, thinking about the two men that had impacted her life. One who still loved her and the other who she was falling in love with. 
    The band had left at 5 o’clock a.m. on the tour bus, planning to meet Andre and T-Bird in Chicago that afternoon. When they all arrived, you could feel the excitement in the air. All the groups performing had their names on the buildings and billboards being advertised for the concert scheduled for the next night.
    In the meantime, T-Bird was scheduled for a radio interview, while the band did their sound check. Also scheduled for the interview was the rap group DDG. Their music was also taking the radio by storm with a new sound that was revolutionary. Hip Hop was here to stay with a whole new dimension along with the latest male and female groups, Impulse and Cleave. These groups were new, hot and ready to pour out everything they had to leave a lasting impression on the city. The interviews lasted most of the day and everyone had a new, hot album, which bought a lot of excitement and variety to the show. However, T-Bird was the headliner so everyone else was going to have to bring the heat with their shows. Andre made sure to have all the groups staying in the same hotel to reduce any mishaps, to keep everyone out of trouble and thanks to Q, there was transportation available for them to get around town due to his contacts.
    The best thing was, everyone seemed to be getting along really well, as Andre conducted several meetings to emphasize the importance of being on time for the sound checks and the shows. 
    “Look, while we’re on this tour we have got to operate as a family unit at all times. That’s the only way we know we can depend on each other and the bottom line is, it’s all about getting paid..."
    No one had any objections or problems complying with Andre’s request; in the end, it was definitely all about getting paid. T-Bird’s band had known that before they left home, so they were ready. The only concerns was the group DDG. T-Bird had heard from friends in the business that they liked smoking pot and drinking while back stage before shows. 
    After talking with

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