My Instructor

My Instructor by Esther Banks Read Free Book Online

Book: My Instructor by Esther Banks Read Free Book Online
Authors: Esther Banks
    “ Mm hm. You’re having the same reaction that everyone has when they come here,” she said. “The water is so beautiful that you want to submerge yourself in it.”
    “ That’s exactly what I want to do,” he responded.
    “ You can take a swim now if you want,” she invited.
    He walked over to stand beside her.
    “I will when we finish unpacking,” he said. “Then you can swim with me. You do swim, right?”
    “ I do—barely,” she laughed. “I won’t drown, but swimming has never been my strong suit.”
    “ You just need the right teacher. And I think I’ve proven that I am a very good one,” he said smugly.
    She giggled.
    “Don’t be conceited. We’ll see what kind of swim instructor you are when you see me swim,” she said.
    “ Come on. The sooner we unpack the sooner I’ll find out,” he urged.
    They walked back to the car and began unpacking it. Aaron entered the cabin and was impressed by what he saw. The cabin was bigger than it appeared from the outside. He liked the ceiling beams and the warm feeling of the interior. It was furnished with brown and hunter green leather furniture and there was a huge fireplace begging to be lit.
    “Will it get cold enough for a fire at night?” he asked.
    “ It usually does, even in the summer. It doesn’t take long to cool down after the sun sets,” Tiffany said.
    “ Cool. I love fireplaces. And I really like your cabin. It suits you,” he said.
    “ Thanks. It’s been in my family for ninety years. My great grandfather built it in 1923,” Tiffany said.
    “ He knew real estate. He had to have known that this land would one day be prime property,” Aaron said.
    “ He did. He won it in a poker game,” Tiffany said.
    “ Really?” Aaron was surprised.
    “ The owner of the property, Melton Grisly was a sleaze, and he taunted my granddad into putting up his last two dollars. He didn’t need the two dollars, but he’d wanted to see my granddad penniless,” Tiffany said. “He had won a few hands off of granddad and felt he would win this last hand easily. Granddad tried to beg off but Grisly refused and called him horrible names. Granddad finally agreed.”
    “ Boy was he in for a rude awakening,” Marisa said gleefully.
    Tiffany grinned.
    “Marisa knows the story,” Tiffany explained. “Anyway, granddad said he would play him one last game if he put up his land on Bellevue Lake. Grisly laughed and said why not. He wasn’t going to lose. So they played the hand, and granddad showed Grisly why people around town called him the ‘Shark’. Granddad won with a Royal Flush to Grisly’s two pairs. Witnesses to the game made Grisly sign over the land deed to my great grandfather. Granddad then built this cabin.”
    “ Wow! What a great story. It’s a story that will be told for generations,” Aaron marveled.
    “ Yeah. I love telling that story,” Tiffany grinned.
    “ I would too if I were you,” Aaron smiled.
    “ Let’s finish up and get to the lake. We have it all to ourselves until the others get here,” Marisa said.
    “ What time will they arrive?” Aaron asked.
    “ Not until tomorrow. I wanted to come up early to have plenty of time to set up. I should have told you when I invited you. I hope it’s not a problem,” Tiffany said.
    “ Not at all. My weekend is free,” he replied.
    “ Good,” she said.
    Tiffany then turned away to unpack the food boxes. Aaron couldn’t believe the luck he was having. He would have an entire day to be alone, well, almost alone with Tiffany. He wasn’t worried about Marisa though. He felt that she would make herself scarce at the appropriate times. He hurried to finish unloading the car. He intended to make good use of the time that God had afforded him.

Chapter 4
    Aaron dove into the cool, crystal-clear water of the lake and emerged feeling refreshed and invigorated. He swam to its center then looked back to the shore. Tiffany was standing there looking a bit uncomfortable. She

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