My Italian Stallion

My Italian Stallion by Sasha Collins Read Free Book Online

Book: My Italian Stallion by Sasha Collins Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sasha Collins
People were wandering all over the banquet room gabbing, laughing, and getting a bit loopy from the alcohol. The company Kiara worked for had quarterly dinner parties. Tonight’s party wasn’t much different than the rest. She sat with her usual group of 10 women coworkers talking about boyfriends or non-boyfriends , who’s-new-this year, sex, and office gossip. Most of the women were all gaga about this new ad-man recently added to the team.

    Her curiosity was piqued by the girls’ discussion. “…and yeah, this guy is tall, his eyes are so dark they look black, he has the sexiest dimples, he’s got a great ass, I have to restrain myself from touching his beautiful chest; and he has thick black, slightly curly hair, that’s just long enough—I can so imagine my fingers all tangled as he kisses me, and his smile—oh my GOD I just want to ram my mouth on to his and taste him! But the best part is when he opens his mouth to talk; he’s got the sexiest voice; deep, husky, and it just coos in your ear in a really thick Italian accent. He opens doors, he smells like heaven, and is such a gentleman.” Katie gushed.

    Kiara swore Katie was going to cum right there….’Jeezus, this guy is either really that hot or she is just exaggerating.’ Kiara thought.

    Kiara asked, “So what is this guy’s name and how did you run into him?” Kiara asked.

    “ You all have me running around so much for you that I run into him all the time. Dana and Sherry know who he is. He works in the creative department. His name is Gianni.” Katie said excitedly as Dana and Sherry nodded with dreamy looks in their eyes.

    “ Good grief, I think I’m spending way too much time glued to my computer screen, sounds like I have to go get a look at this guy!” Kiara laughed. Just as she said that there was a gasp at the table. She looked in that direction and all the women’s eyes were looking hungrily behind her. She furrowed her brow as she followed their gaze. Her eyes scanned the area and there was this gorgeous guy…the term, tall, dark, and handsome had to be invented for this guy. ‘Oh my god! No wonder Katie was so eager to discuss her deepest desires about this guy!’ she thought.

    “ Ooooo, girl….I could seriously fuck that guy to death!” Kiara blurted out without even thinking. Realizing what she had just let slip she turned back to the ladies, her mouth hung open in surprise and all of them burst out laughing.

    “ Holy shit Kiara, you have NEVER talked that way! This guy must really push your button …ahem, no puss…er…pun intended!” Dana said through uncontrollable laughter.

    “ Oh, you just shut up girl! I’m a woman too and have fantasies and needs just like all of you only I don’t dish them up on a platter…except for now!” Kiara revealed laughing herself while turning her head back to get another glimpse. ‘Damn, this guy is making me wet just standing there! Collect yourself Kiara, you have more dignity than this, what the hell?’ she thought as she shifted in her chair.

    Just when Kiara thought she was finally regaining her composure Shelly said in an excited voice, “Oh no, oh my god, oh shit…he saw Katie and he’s walking this way!!! Oooooooh, here he comes, girls.” All of them shifted in their chairs, adjusted their shirts discretely, grabbed their drinks and tried very hard to act normal. Kiara was so nervous she suddenly had to pee.

    He got to their table and stood between Kiara and Shelly’s chairs and said, “Buona sera signore. Come stai questa sera?” The ladies all gave each other puzzled looks; some of them blushed, while a couple of them squirmed in their seats. As if the girls had it all planned out they let out nervous giggles. Katie looked at him and said, “Oh Gianni, your words are so lovely but I don’t think any of us know what you just said. Would you please say them in English so the ladies can hear your sexy accent?” Gianni laughed at this and said,

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