My Lucky Catch (University Park #6)

My Lucky Catch (University Park #6) by CM Doporto Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: My Lucky Catch (University Park #6) by CM Doporto Read Free Book Online
Authors: CM Doporto
opening my mouth so he could see.
    His face longed, and I could tell he was trying to do what I said, without opening his mouth. After few seconds the tension in his face dissipated, and his expression relaxed. “Hey, I think that worked.”
    “Told ya.” I smiled. “It’s the warmth of your tongue that helps the capillaries.”
    “Oh.” He moved closer to me. “In that case, I think I need your help.”
    “Really?” I played with my spoon, using my tongue to circle around the edge of it.
    Luke’s eye widened with a satisfying delight. “You’re turning me on with that spoon.”
    “I am?” I teased him more until he grabbed my hand.
    “I think we should go.” He stood up and urged me to get up.
    “Go where?” I feigned ignorance, loving how I was torturing him.
    “Back to my place so you can show me what you can really do with that tongue of yours.”
    I laughed and didn’t waste any time following him to his car.


Chapter 4
    I dropped the weights on the rack, releasing all my frustration. Why did I keep thinking of Delaney? I didn’t want to think about her. The harder I tried not to, the more I did. Seeing her in Spanish class three times a week didn’t help, either. Sometimes we hooked up, and other times we avoided what we wanted most. I wasn’t sure how much longer we’d keep up this charade. It was nice, but for whatever reason, I didn’t like seeing her with other guys.
    “Damn it!” I dropped the dumbbell on the ground.
    “Dude, you alright?” Forbes asked in between alternating his bicep curls.
    “Yeah.” I rolled my shoulders a few times, determined to release the tension tightening my muscles.
    “What’s bothering you?” He eyed me with a raised brow.
    I picked up a fifty-pound hand weight, did ten more reps, and then set it on the floor next to me. “Why are women so freaking hard to understand?”
    Forbes laughed. “My dad always says don’t try to figure them out because you can’t.”
    “I guess he has a point.”
    “So, is it Steph?”
    “Oh, hell no.” I picked up the weight from the floor and grabbed another one. “I haven’t seen her since the beginning of summer. She wanted to hook up, but I turned her down.” Placing one hand on the bench, I did some triceps kickbacks.
    “But you’re still hung up on her?”
    “No.” I inhaled and released it slowly as I extended my arms. “She was too superficial for me.”
    Placing the weights on the rack, he turned and said, “I thought you like the big boobs and big hair.”
    “The boobs were nice, don’t get me wrong.” I smiled. “But she was too fake for me and too high maintenance.”
    “I knew they weren’t real.” He pointed at me as if catching me in a lie. “They were too perfect.”
    “Yeah, she claimed she is one-hundred percent natural.” I shook my head. “Whatever. Once I saw them, she confessed.”
    “If it’s not Steph, then I guess you’re talking about Lexi’s roommate?” He nudged me as he approached the bench next to me. One by one, he loaded the bar with forty-five pound plates. “Don’t be shy.” Slowly, he lowered to the bench, waiting for me to respond.
    “Yeah, it’s her.”
    “Man, I gotta see this girl. Who is she?”
    “Do you remember that chick I was talking to at Riley’s end of year party?”
    His body shot up. “The pretty girl with long, dark hair and bright blue eyes?”
    “Yes, that’s her.” With a quick breath, I did my last rep and straightened. “Delaney’s her name.”
    “That’s your sister’s roommate?” He asked wide-eyed.
    I nodded.
    “Damn, she’s freakin’ hot.” A whistle noise came from his mouth. “But you know she makes her rounds.”
    “Yeah, I know.” That was the part I didn’t like. It shouldn’t have bothered me, and I shouldn’t have cared who she screwed, but it grated on me like nails scraping against a chalkboard.
    “You’re still banging her? Because I haven’t heard y’all lately.” He

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