Neighbours And Rivals

Neighbours And Rivals by Bridy McAvoy Read Free Book Online

Book: Neighbours And Rivals by Bridy McAvoy Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bridy McAvoy
into her hips attempted to buck off the table to meet him.
    With two pairs of lips sucking and nursing at her breasts and with Phil's not inconsiderable prick buried in her pussy, not to mention the gag made up of her own sodden panties Carol was under too much stimulation. Even before Phil began to withdraw his dick prior to ramming it home again he was startled by the way her pussy muscles clenched around it as she attempted to scream her way to yet another orgasm.
    Finally her muscles relaxed enough and Phil began to pump in and out of her with massive full length strokes. Carol's body desperately wanted to move with him, to rise to meet each thrust but her position prevented her from responding in that manner. Instead her back continually arched up and down on the table and both Lizzie and Susie had to clamp their teeth onto their respective nipples in order to stay on! The added stimulation of the biting was enough and the helpless Carol stiffened under the impetus of cumming again.
    The sheer pleasure the woman was taking from being treated like this was way too much stimulation for Phil who again found himself with his penis clutched immobile with Carol's clenching muscles was finally able to thrust once more before expelling his jism in huge gouts deep inside of his luscious neighbour.
    Finally he withdrew and the other two women slowly moved away leaving her ravished body laying there on the table. Finally Lizzie leaned in and coaxing Carol to open her mouth gently withdrew the ball of lacy fabric that was in the panties she had been wearing.
    "I think these need a wash girls. I also think it's time for Carol to go home too."
    As Carol struggled into a sitting position she looked at the wall clock and realised they had been cavorting in the dining room for nearly two hours, although it had seemed far less. Her husband would be home in less than two hours.
    "We'll have to save the other outfit until tomorrow then Carol. Won't we? Ah well can't be helped. See you tomorrow sexpot!"
    Carol allowed Phil to help her down from the table as Phil spoke to her and even managed a half a dozen steps towards the front door before realising she was still only dressed in stockings, garters and high heels and now she was upright, Phil's cum was running down her thighs.
    "My clothes ... where are my clothes?"
    "You don't need them sweetie."
    Lizzie indicated the door as she spoke to her, obviously intent on the to all intents and purposes naked Carol walking home in that state.
    Carol shook her head but realising she couldn't win, steeled herself for the humiliation. At least Rebecca and her husband, as well as Peter her own husband weren't around so no one would see her, but it was still humiliating. Clenching her teeth, she walked slowly up the hall and opened the front door to the sunlit street beyond. Glancing out to confirm there was no one there she stepped through onto the porch before walking carefully down the drive in heels that were much higher than she was used to. She had reached the end of the drive when,
    She stopped and half turned to look back at Phil who now stood in the door.
    "Tomorrow, when Lizzie comes to fetch you, you should be dressed just like that. Nothing else at all. But I think red would suit you in the morning rather than black. Through the door wide open when you answer it too. Don't forget to smile."
    Carol nodded and as Phil closed the door she hurried to get home and hit the shower before her unsuspecting husband arrived.
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Chapter 6
    It had taken a long time for Carol to calm down after the previous day's experiences and how she had prevented herself confessing all to Peter she didn't know. She hadn't though and now a couple of minutes before ten she was dressed precisely as instructed. Peter loved her to dress in stockings and garters for him so as a result she had several sets and was this able to meet Phil's command with ease.
    The doorbell rang and as she

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