Never Bite a Boy on the First Date

Never Bite a Boy on the First Date by Tamara Summers Read Free Book Online

Book: Never Bite a Boy on the First Date by Tamara Summers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tamara Summers
enough, although it tried its best for the next few weeks, during which Zach pleaded with me every day to turn him into a vampire. Even in my love-blind state, I started to find it pretty annoying. I kept thinking, Can we please have one date that doesn’t end with you shoving your neck in my face and pledging your undying love? Can’t we just eat pizza and maybe talk about our homework now and then?
    Then one day he called me and told me to come over right away. I told him it would have to wait because I was dyeing my hair. He told me he was dying.
    I said, “You too? What color?”
    And he said, “No, seriously dying. I mean dying .”
    “Literally?” I said. “Could you wait until my hair is dry?”
    He said he didn’t think so, because there was a lot of blood already, more than he’d expected.
    That’s when I realized he was serious.
    Thank goodness for vampire super-speed. I got to his house in about nine seconds flat. And sure enough, the moron had slit his own wrists.
    “What did you do?” I yelled at him. He was lying in the bathtub, looking pale, as blood pooled around his jeans and bare chest.
    “I did it…for you,” he said in this whispery, trying-to-be-heroic voice.
    “You are the world’s biggest idiot. What if I hadn’t been home? What if I’d been in the shower? You might have been dead before I even knew what you’d done. Which would have served you right, numbskull.”
    “Well, I didn’t want you to stop me,” he said, sounding irritated and a little less whispery. “And don’t call me an idiot.”
    The scent of all the fresh blood was making me dizzy. “We should wrap you up,” I said, “andget you to a hospital.” I grabbed a towel and knelt next to the tub.
    “It’s too late for that,” he said, back to his dying voice. He practically pressed the back of his hand to his forehead. “I’m dying, Kira. You have to change me…to save me.”
    “I should have left you in that closet on the first day,” I snapped. I took his nearest wrist and started to wrap the towel around the wounds. The blood soaked through the white cloth instantly, spreading like red fireworks.
    Zach lifted his wrist toward my face, and the towel fell off with a splat . “Drink,” he said. “It’s all right. I want you to. Then we can be together…forever.”
    There was nothing else I could do. The smell of all that blood was too much for my willpower. I was sure I’d never get him to the hospital in time. He was going to die, and it would be my fault.
    I sank my fangs into the bloody gouges on his arms.
    Yeah, it was amazing. It was the last amazing moment I had with Zach. I don’t want to describe it, because remembering it now makesme feel all creepy, but it was mind-blowing. I can see how some vampires become addicted to drinking from the living. Olympia had warned me about that, too.
    After Zach was fully dead, I left his body there and went home to tell Olympia what had happened. She laughed and laughed and laughed until she literally fell out of her coffin. Which, incidentally, was not quite the reaction I was expecting.
    “Well, we’re in love,” I said, offended. “I’m sure it’ll turn out fine. Like Bert and Crystal.”
    “Oh, dear,” Olympia said, wiping tears from her eyes. “Now perhaps you’ll see why listening to seven hundred years of experience is a good idea.”
    Yeah. About a month later, in a rental car somewhere in the middle of Kansas, while we were moving around every night to hide our trail, Zach tried to get to second base with me and I threw him out of the sun roof. We had to drive half a mile back to find him. He sulked all the way to Montana.
    That was the end of that relationship.

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